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    Unique boy name... HELP!!!

    We are have a 1 year old son named Finnegan Rumble. Rumble being a family name and Finnegan we just liked. We are now due in 5 months and are looking for a unique boy name that goes with Finnegan Rumble. So far we like Corbin, Hudson, and Lachlan but can't agree on one. Hudson is a family friends boys name so idk. We would like a fun middle name as well... please help! I want to love our boys name just like we did Finnegan Rumble

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Finnegan Rumble is really cool! I really love Hudson, but if someone close to you used it, I probably would hesitate to use it again. I think Lachlan is cool, and Finnegan and Lachlan are great for brothers! Lachlan Gable, maybe? Or Lachlan Brave? I'm really loving Lachlan Brave!

    Good luck!
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    Another vote for Lachlan.

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    Cabot Flynn would be cool. I love the explorer names!

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    Thanks, I really like Lachlan... any more ideas?

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