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    Alternatives for popular A names

    My husband and I are expecting our first child, a boy. We want the initials A.E. after his great, great grandfather. He was Addison Ellsworth, but we're afraid of naming a boy Addison since the girls have taken it over. We both LOVE the name Aiden, but it is so wildly popular. I kind of like Asher, but that's popular, too. Ashton is ok, just reminds me of Kutcher, but DH likes it.
    I've considered, and DH has shot down:
    Alston, Anson, Ashden, Addisten, Alden, Aiken, Anden, Aaron, Austin, and Aston. (Guess I like 2-syllables ending in "n" :lol: Didn't notice until I typed them out.) He likes very traditional names, like Alexander, but I don't like that one. Neither of us likes Atticus. Middle name will most likely be Ellsworth or Elliott (both family names).
    Not sure if we should just suck it up and go with Aiden, since it is the only one we both love (plus, I'm Irish). Being a Jennifer from the late 70s, though, I hated having everyone else around me with the same name.

    I'm really at a loss, so any suggestions would be appreciated!

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    We're also open to other E names, and our son could go by his middle name.

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