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    Opinions on my combinations?

    I had never really made combos until recently, I just made lists of names that I loved on their own, so I'm new to this. Any honest opinions are greatly appreciated

    Luna Artemis - does the a end then a beginning sound weird?
    Fionnuala Hestia Renee - potential spelling and pronunciation issues don't bother me
    Fionnuala Oriana Hazel
    Aila Persephone
    Ailbhe Josephine - again spelling/pronunciation issues don't bother me (Ailbhe is prn Alva)
    Hestia Josephine - Josephine is a family name that I love
    Josephine Anwen Morgana
    Cosima Rowan Morgana - I know some people don't like Rowan on a girl but I love it
    Anwen Persephone
    Verity Oriana
    Hazel Oriana Josephine

    Asa Benjamin
    Evander Jasper Orion - I love Evander but I really struggle with middles. Any suggestions?
    Aneurin Apollo
    Ezra Remy Apollo
    Reuben Leander
    Lucas Orion
    Just a 20 year old weirdly obsessed with names, no babies in the near future

    Aila Anwen Arianwen Aveline Calla Caoimhe Cosima Fionnuala Hazel Hestia Josephine Rowan
    Alaric Asa Evander Ezra Jasper Leander Lucas Orion Perseus Ruairi

    ♥ Hazel Arianwen ♥ Asa Benjamin ♥
    ♥ Rowan Oriana ♥ Lucas Orion ♥

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    I think for Evander you need a different mn. How about Josiah or Jonah. My
    Favorites are aila Persephone and Asa Benjamin .

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    Luna Artemis - It kind of runs together. Artemis Luna would sound better. Did you pick names that both have 'moon' meanings on purpose?
    Fionnuala Hestia Renee - This doesn't have the best flow. I think Fionnuala needs something a bit more simple with it like Jane or Clare.
    Fionnuala Oriana Hazel - Another that doesn't flow very well. Can I suggest Hazel Oriana Renee?
    Aila Persephone - Is this pronounced like Isla? If it is I think it's OK, but the spelling is a bit confusing.
    Ailbhe Josephine - I like this one. I'm not fond of Ailbhe, but the combination works.
    Hestia Josephine - I like Josephine, but not Hestia. It's an OK combination.
    Josephine Anwen Morgana - A bit too much name. It doesn't flow very well. Josephine Morgana?
    Cosima Rowan Morgana - I like Rowan on a girl, but not in this combination.
    Anwen Persephone - I like this combination It a great mixture of unusual names.
    Verity Oriana - Not the best flow.
    Hazel Oriana Josephine - I would take Oriana out of this one. Hazel Josephine would be lovely. Hazel Josephine Morgana?

    Asa Benjamin - Very handsome. Asa isn't a personal favorite of mine, but it works great with Benjamin.
    Evander Jasper Orion - Jasper Evander would work better. Evander Remiel? Evander Augustin? Evander Julian/Jolyon? Evander Louis? Evander Lucian? Ruben Evander?
    Aneurin Apollo - Is Aneurin common enough in the Uk that it'd be pronounced correctly? If not I would reconsidered it.
    Ezra Remy Apollo - Not the best flow. What about Ezra Remiel or Remiel Apollo?
    Reuben Leander - Another great mixture of unusual names.
    Lucas Orion - Great combination.
    Thoughts in this thread?

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    Future possible sibs<3
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    Luna Artemis – The A isn’t a deal breaker for me I just think that pairing two mythology names is a bit much.
    Fionnuala Hestia Renee – The spelling doesn’t bother you, but it’s too much for me. I do LOVE Finola though.
    Fionnuala Oriana Hazel – Same as above.
    Aila Persephone- I don’t like either name.
    Ailbhe Josephine – I don’t like the sound of Ailbhe.
    Hestia Josephine – Not a fan of Hestia. The S in the name sounds like a hiss.
    Josephine Anwen Morgana – It’s a lot of name but very pretty.
    Cosima Rowan MorganaCosima is very sweet and I don’t dislike Rowan. It’s still a lot of name.
    Anwen Persephone – My second favorite from your girl list.
    Verity Oriana - I have a soft spot for Verity, but don’t love it with Oriana. Aurelia maybe?
    Hazel Oriana Josephine – I think this is the best name name on your girl list. The flow isn't great, but the names seem to mesh.

    Asa Benjamin – I have tried to make myself love Asa but I just don’t.
    Evander Jasper Orion – My favorite of your boy names. Evander is so handsome.
    Aneurin Apollo – No.
    Ezra Remy Apollo - Not bad. I feel like Remy is out of place though.
    Reuben Leander – Another name I can’t make myself like. All I see is reuben sandwich! Sorry!
    Lucas Orion – So useable. I’d steal this name if Lucas was an option for me.
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