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    why are people so rude?

    my daughter is almost 6 years old and her name is Cessalye. it is pronounced cess-uh-lee. I love the originality and the beauty of her name. she also happens to model which she has done for four and a half years. Due to the fact that her name is public I will often do internet searches to make sure nobody has stolen or re-edited her photos. (I once came across a foreign website where the owner of a forum claimed she was their daughter!) anyway I came across another baby name forum with a thread discussing how stupid her name was. I could not believe it!! Just venting about it. I mean how is there some people just start bashing my daughter's name when they don't even know the reasoning I chose it.
    Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!!

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    A lot of people will react negatively towards names they are unfamiliar with. Cecily, pronounced the same way, is a beautiful name, but a lot of people don't know what to make of Cessalye and thus don't like it. People tend to prefer what's familiar to them rather than things they've never heard of or been exposed to. That's why a lot of people encourage the use of traditional spellings here on Nameberry.

    That being said, whether or not they like it, no one has the right to be rude about someone's name. I'm sorry you had to hear that.

    P.S. I looked your daughter up and if it's the Cessalye I think it is, she's a beautiful little girl!
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    They don't know you or why you chose the name, and you didn't ask for their opinions on the name, so why should you care what they say? Let it roll off your back, dear.

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    I think that that is so rude! I've been browsing baby name forums since I got pregnant back in July, and I see people doing stuff like that all the time. It's ridiculous! I just roll my eyes and push the back button. I mean, what do you accomplish by doing that? How would you feel if someone did that to your child's name? Or your own name? Everyone has different tastes. I don't know what makes people think that it's okay to be so mean! And some of them call it "being honest". You can be honest and get your point across perfectly without being rude. I think that some people forget that their opinions are not facts.

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    Having an opinion

    is not rude. It is just having an opinion. Particularly on a public website. It would be quite different if someone said that to your face, but I am assuming the people don't know you, have never heard of you.

    And even so... I have read on nameberry how my name and other loved ones names are ugly, but again, it is not personal.

    Once I wrote about how boring are the names of my youth: Debbie and Karen etc. A woman wrote in and said, "Those are the names of my mother and aunt!"

    But of course I don't know her mother and aunt; I just don't like the names.

    I also think one has to develop something of a thick skin when changing the spelling of names. For many, cess is not a spelling of a syllable that is attractive.

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