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    middle name for Sybil

    Hi all -
    Baby #3 is on his/her way and we're in full baby-naming mode. If it's a girl, our top name right now is Sybil. We're having a hard time with middle names; ideally we'd like to have a family name but are striking out. At the moment our top choice is:

    Sybil Grace (not a family name but is the best we've thought of so far)

    Thoughts? Any suggestions on other middle names?

    Happy New Year!

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    I really love the name Sybil! Maybe...
    Sybil Lorraine
    Sybil Linnet
    Sybil Katharine
    Sybil Beatrix/Beatrice
    Or you could try Sybella, that's pretty too. I hope these help!
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    I really like pp suggestion of Sybil Rose!

    Sybil Mae
    Sybil Claire
    Sybil Adele
    Sybil Louise
    Sybil Georgia
    Sybil Jane
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    Sybil is a great choice! And Sybil Grace is very nice. Other suggestions:

    Sybil Katherine
    Sybil Kate
    Sybil Louise
    Sybil Cora
    Sybil Augusta

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