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    Sylvie? Please help!


    My husband and I are expecting our third child and as always we are having a bit of a problem with finding a girls name. The boys name is already picked out and has been for years. We have two daughters whose names we love and we are really hoping to find one that fits in well with theirs. (Roxanne Coraline and Vera Adelaide) Our naming style leans more towards old/vintage and not over used yet still common enough that there is little to no spelling or pronunciation issues.

    Our current favorite is Sylvie Eleanor (Thanks to someone's very helpful suggestion on nameberry in a previous post) However, it isn't being received that well from parents. They don't see why we would use Sylvie and not Sylvia and they think Eleanor is old and dowdy. Obviously it is seeing a come back so I don't think it will continue to seem that way but I would like to hear everyone's opinions on the names and also any suggestions.

    Any feedback is appreciated! Thank you.

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    If you love it, go for it!

    I much prefer Sylvie over Sylvia. It's so cute! <3 And Eleanor isn't my style, but it is coming into popularity. I'll suggest a few more names for you:

    Eleanor Willa
    Sylvie Catherine
    Sylvie Anna
    Sylvie Annemarie
    Eleanor Camille
    Eleanor Beatrice / Beatrice Eleanor
    Sylvie Clara
    Sylvie Nora
    Sylvie Noelle
    Sylvie Emma
    Eleanor Emily
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    This is why you shouldn't share your name choices with family and friends in advance. The name is lovely. I think either Sylvie or Sylvia are acceptable variations (Sylvie being the French form of the name, not just a nickname). And Eleanor is right on trend along with names like Lillian, Vivian, Emma, and Evelyn, so it is definitely not going to seem "old and dowdy" to your daughter's peers.
    BTW my dd is Sylvia and I am considering Eleanor for my second so of course I love the name!

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    I think its great. It fits well with your other kids names. I think Sylvie is pretty, I like it just as much as Sylvia, and I think it is just as legitimate a name. And Eleanor - well I have a soft spot for Eleanor thanks to Wes Anderson's "Life Aquatic".

    If you like the combo, keep it. Friends & family will get used to it, and its not really all that obscure or out there. I don't know why people have to have a problem with everything.
    Good luck.
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