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    I agree with the posters that McKinzley may not be the best choice. It feels cluttered, made up and very trendy.

    Kinsley with an "s" is a much better option.

    If you want to stick with the "Mc" then I would go with a more traditional name that won't be butchered or confusing to people around her, like McKensie (I just don't like the z in there, sorry) or even McCain. I would use the nn Mickey, which I think is really adorable.

    If you really like the "z," how about a "z" name? Some of my favorites are Zara, Zella and even Zoe, even though it's gotten quite popular.

    As for middle names, if you are sticking with McKinzley, I like Grace, Anne or June.

    Good luck!

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    Sorry for the hefty criticism that's been meted out, 2ndtimemommy! I know you must love McKinzley or you wouldn't have shared it. It's not my style... and it is true, it may be a challenging name for your daughter to carry. But you know what? It is your decision. No one can tell you what you "should" do... only what "they" would do... IF they were you (which "they" are not.) My advice is...
    1) Reevaluate. Do think seriously about whether such a unique name will be a blessing or a curse to your daughter. Ask your husband his opinion. Kinsley, McKenna, etc are also lovely!
    2) Stick to your guns. If you decide to go with McKinzley, be proud of your choice. Tell her frequently how special her name is, because it is her parents' creation, just for her... a special name for a special girl. Teach her to be proactive and introduce herself by saying things like: "people often get my name wrong, because it's unique. My name is McKinzley- M-C-K-I-N-Z-L-E-Y."
    3) I Googled McKinzley... and it's a real name... a last name. In the White Pages. And there are even a couple of Google references to McKinzley as a first name. Check it out! :-)
    Out of your middle names, I like Grace the best. It sounds pretty with McKinzley and it has a sweet meaning. Good luck!

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    I LOVE Claire in the middle! And I think Kinzley is really cute.
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    Thanks to bostonelle and mulme944 for expressing their opinions honestly yet sensitively. Some of the other posters on this thread could take a lesson from their tone and dial back the rudeness
    Pam Satran

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    McKinzley Grace
    McKinzley Grey

    Both sound super cute😊

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