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    Loving Frederick, hating Fred

    Dear Berries,

    Our boy is due in a month, and DH and I are both loving the name Frederick nn Freddie, but there are a few issues that I need you all to reassure me on and/or suggest ways around.

    1) Fred is kind of a doofusy name, and how is he going to avoid it?
    2) His last name is German-sounding, 3 syllables, and starts w K (Kin....mann.) So Frederick K*** is going to sound super Austrian/German, and for various (good) reasons, it's not a piece of the family history that anyone wants to highlight. Ditto for possible nn Fritz.
    3) Frederick K*** means repeating K consonants at the end of first/beg of last name. Is this a dealbreaker?

    BB's big sister is Jane Clayton nn Janie, so we want a name that matches hers in history and gravitas as well as underused classic-ness. Emphasis on underused - we've ruled out several lovely names as being too popular in our peer group, incl Henry, John/Jack, William, Theodore, Oliver, August/us. Also, I have a preference for non-biblical names.

    Re middles, we're considering:
    Frederick Riley K***
    Frederick Wilson
    Frederick Michael
    Frederick Donnell

    Other names I love are George, Louis, Thomas, Calvin, and Edward (but not wild about Ed and Eddie.) I was considering Lucas and Felix, but they feel too trendy for sibling Janie.

    Help? Thoughts? Magic bullets? Thank you!

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    I think Felix and Janie is just fine! Adorable.

    If you don't allow people to call him Fred and he doesn't allow people to call him Fred, then he won't be Fred.

    I've always hated being called Jeannie, which is common with the name Jeanne. No one even attempt unless they are trying to get to me

    Frederick is a great name. Dont hold out because of Fred. Go for it.

    Frederick Wilson is my favorite.
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    If you don’t want to highlight a german/austrian family history I think you might need to let go of Fredrick. (But I do agree with pp’s that Fredrick doesn’t have to be Fred). I would have suggested Hendrik but that doesn’t help the matter much.

    I’ve always love Felix and think it would be great with Jane. But I can also understand your hesitation as it has become more popular in the US of late.

    Have you considered: Carlisle? Bruce? Thomas? Hugh? Leon? Bryce? Noah? Abel?
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    1) If he's going to be going by Freddie, I honestly think Fred will be hard to avoid, especially as he gets older. You can do what you can when you're speaking for him, but once he's old enough, it'll be on him to correct people. Be prepared to have him like Fred, though, or prefer it to Freddie in his high school years. He may not want to avoid it his whole life…
    2) I don't see Frederick as a particularly Austrian/ German name… but my grandmother is from Austria and her name is Ericka, and her mother was named Francesca, sooooo who knows. I actually LOVE the nickname Fritz, haha.
    3) As long as his name isn't Frederick Kendrick, I think you're all right.

    I like Frederick Riley with Jane .

    Other options with Jane "Janie" I like are:

    Bennett or Reuben "Ben/ Benny"
    Leon "Leo"

    Good luck!
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    Great ideas all, and thanks for the honest feedback. I have to say, I love Felix and Desmond, Thomas and Hugh. I'm afraid of Felix trending, but whatever. And Desmond is so suave, somehow. I think I'm thinking of Desmond on LOST, but you could do worse for associations.

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