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    Ideas on updating Zoe??

    Hi Berries! My new guilty pleasure name crush is Zoe actually I prefer Zoey. I love the spunkiness of Zoey but Zoe/Zoey is WAY too popular for me. Any ideas of similar names? And Not the obvious Chloe also too popular.

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    Erm, I think Zoe is just lovely as it is. But hmm, what about Zoya? I think it's the Russian form of Zoe (at least, I remember hearing that somewhere!), and I think it's so fresh and lovely. And Russian. (Who doesn't love them a good Russian name?!)

    There's also Zoelle (zoh-ELLE) and Zoelie (zoh-AY-lee, I think?!). Or even Zelie? It's not exactly related, but has a pretty similar feel, imo! Prn. between ZAY-lee and ZEHL-ee. It's hard to write down a French accent.

    Zoya and Zelie are my favorites, but I really love just Zoe. I've met several middle-aged Zoes, and really no young Zoes, so I feel like it ages really gracefully and is so sweet and spunky and fresh. I'd love to meet a Zoe, personally.

    ETA: There's also Zara and Zora. Not related to Zoe at all, but short and sweet and spunky, still, and Zora sort of blends all the best elements of the vogue Zoe, Zara, Cora, and Nora (and Clara, and Cara, and Lara, and Laura, and Tara, and Sarah, and so on and so forth!).
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    I had the same problem. Zoe was a name I loved, but the popularity is a problem. Zea is a great alternative (prn. zay-uh or zee-uh). Or there's always the French Zoé (prn. zo-ay), but it's quite easily mispronounced at first and could end up being more trouble than not. I think ashthedreamer hit all the rest : )
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    Awesome! Cora is one of my favorites right now so adorable!! Thanks I think Zoe is perfect in her original form too but I know two and one is my grandpas beloved dog. Seriously he lives her like a child. It would be like naming My child after my grandpas dog... That's what he would thing. Lol

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    Omg Zea is adorable I will be looking that up right now!

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