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    Some New Combinations: Opinions Please!

    Hello Berries,

    I've been playing around with combinations and would love to have your opinions on them. They are a mix of family names and my favorites.

    Alice Hermione
    Lilith Katarina
    Lilith Seraphine - Not new, but as much as I love it I'm still a bit hesitant to commit to it.
    Alice Jordana
    Isabel Mariana

    - Danielle

    I'm open to suggestions and switching the names around.
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    Thoughts in this thread?

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    These are all so lovely! It'll be a bit difficult for me to be picky but I'll give it a go :-)

    Alice Hermione - love this, Hermione's a GP of mine :-)

    Flora Sidonie June - not that big of a fan of Sidonie, Flora Elizabeth June?

    Flora Beatrice June - love this, Flora & Beatrice are so sweet together!

    Rosalyn Margot Pearl - I prefer Rosalind Margaret Pearl to be honest

    Guinevere Margot Eirian - Love Guinevere, but I'm not that big of a fan of Margot, and Eirian looks pretty, but I haven't got a single clue as to how to say it, three names that are unusual and that usually cause pronunciation problems could be an issue.

    Hermione Beata Rosalyn - I prefer just Hermione Rosalyn/Hermione Rosalind or Hermione Beatrice Rosalind/Rosalyn.

    Flora Hermione - love this!

    Lilith Rosalie June - I don't mind this, but I'm not a fan of Lilith, due to the whole demon on Supernatural thing that my younger sister has drilled into my head.

    Lilith Katarina Pearl I like this a lot, surprisingly! :-)

    Alice Jordana - one of my favourites!

    Elizabeth Temperance June - another favourite :-)

    Elena Rosemary/Juliet - I don't like the flow of these, how about Elena Juliet Rosalie?

    Elizabeth Camilla Maeve - Camilla and Maeve sound too smooshed together for my liking, but Elizabeth Maeve is cute.

    Isabel Jordana Margot - I prefer Isabelle/Isobel Marguerite Jordana.

    Katarina Rosalind June - I like this, but I think Katarina Rosalie June sounds a bit nicer.

    Katherine Antonia June - yet another favourite! :P

    Hermione Louisa Jeanne - I'm not a fan of the pronunciation of Jeanne, but, Hermione Louisa Jane/June would be lovely

    So, my favourites:

    Alice Hermione
    Katherine Antonia June
    Elizabeth Temperance June
    Alice Jordana
    Lilith Katarina Pearl
    Flora Hermione
    Flora Beatrice June

    My suggestions:

    Hermione Louisa Jane/Hermione Louisa June
    Katarina Rosalie June
    Isabelle Marguerite Jordana/Isobel Marguerite Jordana
    Elizabeth Jordana Maeve
    Elena Juliet Rosalie/Elena Rosalie Juliet
    Hermione Beatrice Rosalind
    Hermione Beatrice
    Hermione Rosalind
    Rosalind Margaret Pearl
    Flora Elizabeth June

    Hopefully I wasn't too harsh

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    Alice Hermione -- This is really pretty. Alice is classic and sweet and Hermione is mythological and the name of a spunky girl in HP so it spices up the combo. Why doesn't this one have 2 middles? Alice Hermione Margot? That's gorgeous.

    Flora Sidonie June -- I love Flora and June is sweet here, but I don't like Sidonie too much. I like the literature connection but I think a lot of people will think 'misspelled Sidney/Sydney" but since it's a middle, it doesn't matter because it's just for you. I like the Sidony spelling a little better. All together, the combo has great flow, it's just not my favorite.

    Flora Beatrice June -- I LOVE Flora Beatrice but I don't like June with it. Doesn't sound right to me. Flora Beatrice Pearl is darling and really pretty, though.

    Rosalyn Margot Pearl -- Do you say rose-a-lyn or roz-a-lyn? That makes a difference in how I like it. With the ROSE pronunciation, this combo is really nice. With ROZ, I don't like it.

    Guinevere Margot Eirian -- Guinevere Margot is really great. I love it and might have to steal it My problem is with Eirian. Since it's Welsh, I assume it's AY-ree-an or something? I don't like that I don't know how to say it but it looks really nice. I would like Guinevere Margot Eirwen (ayr-wen).

    Hermione Beata Rosalyn -- This combo's flow is so-so. Beata is lovely (though I think most people will mispronounce it but again, it's a middle so it doesn't matter). I think I would like it better as Hermione Rosalyn Beata but I'm not sure. There's just something off. Hermione Rosalyn Pearl? Maybe put Beata elsewhere?

    Flora Hermione -- Like here, maybe. Flora Hermione Beata? Flora Hermione is very sweet. It's like the Alice combo. Flora is older and sweet and very lovely and Hermione is spunky and it makes Flora pop.

    Lilith Rosalie June -- LOVE Lilith!! Lilith Beata Rosalie? I don't like June with Lilith. Lilith Rosalie Pearl? OH I got it! Lilith Flora Rosalie. Love that!

    Lilith Katarina Pearl -- Oh I like this a lot better than the last (unless it's Lilith Flora Rosalie :P ) Katarine spices this one up and Lilith is very fierce.

    Alice Jordana -- Lovely. Jordana isn't my style, but the combo is nice. Alice Jordana Rosalie would be nice.

    Elizabeth Temperance June -- I don't like June here either. Elizabeth Temperance Margot? I just don't like Elizabeth in general. It's so boring and overdone, to me, and you have much better first. Heck, Temperance in the front would be very cool.

    Elena Rosemary/Juliet -- eh-len-a? eh-LAY-nah? eh-lee-nah? I don't like this name much, sorry. Elena Rosemary is nice if it'seh-len-ah

    Elizabeth Camilla Maeve -- I don't like the flow or any of these names together. Your other Elizabeth combo is much better, to me. Elizabeth Camilla June maybe?

    Isabel Jordana Margot -- I don't like Isabel or Jordana, but the combo is really nice and sweet.

    Katarina Rosalind June -- I would like it better with June in the middle. I would like the flow better. The combo is nice and Katarina spices it

    Katherine Antonia June -- I like Katherine with a C better, but the combo is nice. Sort of boring I guess.

    Hermione Louisa Jeanne -- I don't think Hermione Jean is an issue because not everyone will know the middle and it's not pronounce the same. I also would never have thought Jeanne was pronounced the way it is. I think the flow would be way better as Hermione Jeanne Louise. It's sweet. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Katherine and Antonia are wonderful together - that gets my vote. I do think June sounds a little incongruously farmy at the end of such a grand name. I'd go with
    Katherine Antonia Jane.
    Actually, Antonia is so beautiful I might put her at the beginning.

    Flora Hermione is fun and unexpected. Feels very Southern to me.

    Guinevere and Margot are lovely together. Eirian makes me think of white supremacy.. sorry! How about Lilith on the end there?
    Guinevere Margot Lilith.

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    I underlined my favorites.

    Alice Hermione - This is sweet and classic. I like.
    Flora Sidonie June - I don’t really get Sidonie.
    Flora Beatrice June - Beautiful.
    Rosalyn Margot Pearl - this combo is redundant. Margot is a variant of Margaret which means Pearl. So the meaning would be tender horse, pearl, pearl.
    Guinevere Margot Eirian - I like this combo. It’s interesting and a bit unexpected. Nice.
    Hermione Beata Rosalyn - I don’t like Beata - it has always struck me as old (in a bad way) and dumpy. Combining it with Rosalyn somehow amplifies that. Sorry.
    Flora Hermione - This feels very Harry Potter to me. I keep thinking it says Fleur Hermione. Nothing wrong with that just, you know, an observation.
    Lilith Rosalie June -
    Lilith Katarina Pearl - I think this might be my favorite. It’s a great combo of mysterious, spunky and classic.
    Alice Jordana - I think I’d prefer Elise Jordana over Alice Jordana. Something about how it sounds/flows.
    Elizabeth Temperance June - Theoretically awesome but some how Elizabeth and Temperance together bugs me. I think it’s because June is really short and they are both long and weighty names. Sorry I have no good idea who to fix it without making Elizabeth shorter.
    Elena Rosemary/Juliet - Elena Juliet is nice.
    Elizabeth Camilla Maeve - nice.
    Isabel Jordana Margot - Margot doesn’t really work for me here. Isabel Jordana Margaret works better for me. Otherwise I like this combo.
    Katarina Rosalind June - June feels a bit mismatched with the other two old beauts. Maybe Katarina Rosalind Maeve.
    Katherine Antonia June - I think this is heading down the right direction, but could use some work. Something about Katherine and Antonia striking me as more easter european and June being very english - feels a bit mismatched. Maybe something as easy as Catherine Antonia June would do the trick.
    Hermione Louisa Jeanne - How about Louisa Hermione Jeanne?
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