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    Need help choosing an E name

    We're trying to narrow down some girl E names for our new little one who's due in a few months. The rest of us have E names, so it's important that this little one follows suit. Our son's name is Everett. We really like old fashioned names that can have a cute nickname, but not a too common nickname like Ellie either. Which name do you prefer and why? Any other ideas?

    Etta (Ettie)
    Eloise (Lulu)
    Elinor (Lina)
    Edith (Edie)
    Esmeralda (Essie, Esme)
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    My personal favorites and the ones I feel go well with Everett are Eleanor (much prefer this spelling) and Eloise.

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    I love the name Everett! Definitely one of my top for boys.

    Etta (Ettie) - I don't like this one, reminds me of an old person.

    Eloise (Lulu) - Seems to be climbing popularity, if that matters to you.

    Elinor (Lina) - I love the nickname Lina

    Edith (Edie) - Also old.

    Esmeralda (Essie, Esme) - I like this one although it is long. Why not name her Esme right off the bat? I like Esme a lot!
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    I love Etta and Eleanor (with this spelling only).
    Good luck!

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    Eloise gets my vote. It sounds great with Everett and, like Everett, bridges the gap between old-fashioned and modern.

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