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    Grandmother's Name for Baby Girl

    I am so torn whether or not to use my Grandmother's name for baby girl. My Grandmother was just like a mom to me and I would love to incorporate her name into baby girls name. Thoughts and suggestions would be great. My Grandmother's name is Retha. I was thinking for baby girl Retha Kate Rogers. What do you think?

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    Retha Kate is adorable. You could also use Retha as a middle name or perhaps a variation of it. Aretha, perhaps, or Margarethe with Retha as a nickname.
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    Aretha makes me think of Aretha Franklin. Any other nickname suggestions?

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    Retha Rogers sounds odd to me. Have you considered Kate Retha Rogers?
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    I know this is sort of a stretch, but what about Marguerite, nickname Retha? Marguerite Kate Rogers.

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