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    Bad name reactions...annoyed

    After a month or so of nonstop name debate, my husband and I finally agreed on a boys name for our son.

    The0d0re ls@i@h

    I love it and we have been referring to him by name ever since. Our 3 year old daughter has also learned it and refers to him by name.

    We did not plan in telling any family members his name, just as we did with our other 2 daughters. I know our taste in names is different than that of our family members, and I didn't want the criticism to sway my opinion.

    At Christmas dinner yesterday, my mother (who is the only one that's knows the name) asked out-of-the-blue "So, what does everyone think of the name The0d0re?".

    I was livid. Everyone expressed their distaste and said it was awful, and now I find myself second guessing the name.

    I don't it better to know what peoples reactions would be behind my back anyway? Is it unfair to still give him this name? Is it really that bad?

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    Don't listen to them. Theodore Isaiah is an excellent name. You're never going to find a name that pleases everyone. If you and your husband love the name and you think that your son will love it too, that's all that matters.
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    Your child, your choice. I might consider switching them around--Isaiah Theodore, but the downside is your mother would know her actions affected your decision. I'm not sure I'd give her the satisfaction.

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    Stick with it--it's a wonderful name! We're having the same problem with ours, who's due in just under two weeks. We know that our family will love the baby, even if we didn't go with top 20 names like they did!

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    Call him Theo if you want something modern.

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