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    Full Names For 'Raz'?

    Recently, my friend started a story with the main character's older sister's name being Rapunzel, nn Raz. Now, I have no idea why someone would name their child Rapunzel in real life, but I fell right in love with the nickname Raz. I find that, though insubstantial as a full name, it is an adorable, spunky nickname. However, I have tried for nearly a month to think of full names and I honestly can't find another name that contains the right letters to result in the nickname 'Raz'. I absolutely love it though, and don't want to forget about it.

    So, any suggestions (girls' names) as to a full name for nickname Raz?

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    Roslyn was my first thought. I mean, "Roz" is a natural nickname, so with Raz not being far off, I think it'd work. Rosaline would be another one. Roxanne? I dunno, I'm making some stretches here, haha.
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    lucialucentum- Roxanne is a bit of a stretch, though Roslyn and Rosaline are both possiblities.

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    Raziela is a Hebrew name that means God is my secret. Liraz is also Hebrew, but think a more unisex option.
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    Raziela is the most obvious option. Maybe Raphaela, although that's a pretty big stretch. Rosalind could work.
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