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    A sister for Everett & Juniper?

    Hello berries! :-)

    I was wondering if I could get some help thinking of some girl name ideas. Not pregnant again but still can't help day dreaming... Girl names are so tough. I like retro cute names like Mabel and Faye, my husband likes boyish nick names for girls like Vinnie or Frankie. We didn't settle on Juniper's name until the day she was born. Even now he mostly calls her Pepper and I mostly call her June. Everett goes by Ev. If we have another boy we've agreed on Clark or Clayton.

    So any ideas for a sibling for Everett & Juniper?

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    The first name I thought of before I even read this post was Lavinia and then when I read that your husband likes vintage tomboy nn's like Vinnie well it sealed the deal for me lol
    I also thought of Adelaide which could have plenty of nn's like Addie, Della, Adele, Ada, Lady, Laddie even which would be cute with Pepper

    Also I adore the names of your children both have been names I've loved for a long time so it the same family they're even more perfect
    I also love the name Faye I have a little cousin named Fay who is nn'd Fayleigh because her name is Fay Ashleigh & her older sister would run her names together & call her Fayleigh but Faye on it's own is beautiful & I adore the name Clark I'd choose that over Clayton but that's just me personally
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    Some retro/vintage names that have boyish and girlish (or neutral) nicknames:
    Charlotte - Charlie or Lottie
    Maxine- Max or Minnie
    Coraline - Cory or Cora
    Penelope - Nell or Penny
    Winnifred - Winnie
    Bernadette - Bernie, Birdie or Betty, Bea, Ettie, Etta
    Meredith - Mer or Edie, Edith
    Clementine - Cleo, Clem or Minty, Emme, Clemmy
    Veronica - Ronie or Vera
    Romilly - Romy, Roe or Millie
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    Sylvia Alice (Sylvie)

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    Felix, Bennett, Oliver, James, Leo, Benjamin, Henry, Jack, Vincent, Simon, Alexander

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    Thanks for your replies!

    I really like a lot of your suggestions, but I'm afraid they are all way too feminine for my husband...he really doesn't like many traditional girl names. I tried to sell him on Frances (called Frankie) before we settled on Juniper and he wasn't buying it, so I know Lavinia to get to Vinnie is right out :-( I think the name Juniper only worked because neither of us had heard of it as a name at all until I found it suggested online... And while Juniper has totally grown into her name now, and I can't imagine her as anything else I can admit that right after she was born I had some namers remorse. I'm hoping to avoid that if we have another girl but now I'm not sure how to find another name that we can both like.

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    I used to baby-sit a little girl named Margaret "Martie". That might satisfy both you and your DH. Maybe Margot "Mars", "Gogo"?

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