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    Name Ideas -- Daphne, Maisie, Rhys, George??

    My husband and I have been discussing names for when/if we have a child. We're having a hard time agreeing. One of us will love a name and the other will think it's just okay but love a different one. I've always loved names but only recently realized that I'm bad at boy names and combining first/middle names (especially for boys).

    We aren't religious, and don't want any biblical names (unless they have a family connection, then they *might* get a pass). I like classical mythology but those names often seem a bit out-there for our part of the US. We tend to like Welsh/Irish names. I would love to use a strong atheistic name (like Darwin, for example), but I'm hesitant to do that where we live. We don't tend to like "made-up" names , though I don't mind word or virtue names.

    For a girl, I had fallen in love with Zoey Elizabeth (Elizabeth is a family name). I love the meaning of Zoey ("life") and it's Z initial, but it has become sooo popular! So then I switched to Daphne Evelyn (I love the Daphne myth, and Evelyn is a family name), but my husband doesn't like that fn or mn (he thinks Daphne sounds too much like Daffy). I suggested Edyth as a mn, but he's not buying that either. He loves the name Maisie, but I don't want to use a nickname as a given name, so I suggested Margaret (nn Maisie), but he hates that. He also really likes Meredith, but it sounds very stale to me. I personally love Reason as a mn, but don't know what fn would sound good with it. Any ideas for a girl's name?

    For a boy, I feel very limited by my own no-biblical-name rule and by our last name which starts with a B and ends with -er. Also, I have a stepson who's name ends with -an. I wouldn't want a baby boy's name to start with B or end with -er, -en, or -an. I really like the names Rhys and George, but I don't think they sound very good together, and it's too many "r"s anyway. Any thoughts?


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    Hi! Well, if it's any comfort, you aren't being picky at all, just careful!

    Your husband likes Maisie, would he consider Macy? It has a similar sound but doesn't feel as "nickname"-y. If you go with Macy, I think these options are beautiful:
    Macy Everley
    Macy James (I love the way James sounds as a girl mn)
    Macy Eloise
    Macy Blake
    (really everything goes with Macy, even Macy Reason!)

    Some other names I think you and your husband would like are:
    Kendall (goes well with Reason)
    Laurel (same meaning as Daphne)
    Marina (Reason)
    Chloe (similar to Zoe)
    Maya (Reason)

    George is a bit stuffy to me as I think of it as an old name, but I love Rhys. I'm imagining your last name as Bender and I think Rhys Bender sounds just fine! Rhys Michael Bender is a perfect name in my opinion - doesn't it just sound famous, like Michael Raymond James?

    Some other options:
    Everett (Everett Rhys sounds nice to me, same with Emmett Rhys)
    Reed, Reid, Reece (if Rhys is too unique for a fn)
    erinn amelia
    a 23-year-old namenerd dreaming of:
    Kenna Louise • Thea Grace • Laurel Josephine
    Oliver Milo
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    Quote Originally Posted by rkrd View Post
    Goodness! I'm sorry -- I thought I'd receive an email if anyone replied to this and I haven't seen one, so... Oops!

    Cabot -- That's an interesting name, worth consideration, thank you!
    Caius -- I really like that, but I worry about my family being able to spell it. So many vowels!
    Alexios Nicolei -- A bit too Greek/Russian-sounding. Also, I already tried to talk my husband into the name Alexander, but he's not going for it, mostly because he has two friends with that name (though I love it and I think George Alexander would be awesome, if a bit boring/old-school -- if it's good enough for Will & Kate, it's good enough for me :-D ).

    Verity -- I love that! I have a soft spot for virtue names that aren't overly religious.
    Calista -- It's a nice name, but I associate it too much with Ally McBeal.
    Leda -- Very pretty and a great meaning!
    Persephone -- It just seems so looong...
    Grace -- Reminds me too much of church.

    I like your combos. They sound nice together!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sigma View Post
    Hi! Well, if it's any comfort, you aren't being picky at all, just careful!
    Thank you!

    I don't know about the spelling Macy -- that just makes me think of the department store. I think that I'm just not going to agree with him on Maisie/Macy -- except possibly as a nn, though for what, I don't know.

    Everley seems too trendy. I don't know about putting James or Blake on a girl.

    I do like Eloise, especially as a mn. I'm partial to mn's that start with E

    Kendall -- Sounds too Kardashian-y.
    Minerva -- Wow! I love the meaning of that, and the possible nn Minnie is so fun! Does Minerva sound too "out-there" or "old lady," though? Hmmm... a name worth thinking about anyway.
    Laurel -- I like it a lot, but there's a family conflict.
    Ivy -- Maybe. Would be nice for a December baby.
    Clover -- Nah.
    Marina -- Pretty, but we don't live near the sea or even particularly like the sea.
    Iris -- I like that. I have an older relative named Irene; I think Iris would be a nice nod to her.
    Chloe -- Totally! But my husband doesn't love it, so I used it on a pet already LOL.
    Maya -- Hmm, maybe.

    Bender works With a two-syllable last name, what are the "correct" syllable counts for fn and mn?

    Michael -- Way too many Michaels in my family already, and a close relative just used it as her son's mn.
    Holland -- Interesting, worth consideration. We've ever been to Holland, though. I should think about our travels... Hmm...
    Everett -- Just not our speed.
    Wyatt -- Too "country."
    Lucas -- Too close to Luke, biblical.
    Reed / Reid -- I like those.
    Reece -- I don't know, I just prefer the Rhys spelling. Hopefully it wouldn't be too difficult/confusing for people.
    Cole -- Family conflict.
    Henry -- I LOVE it! But my husband already said "no." Boo! I might have to just talk him into it
    Philip -- I like it but don't care for nn Phil.
    James -- Too biblical.

    Lots of great ideas! Lots to think about! Thank you!
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