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    I knew a Xiomara (pr. zee-oh-mah-rah) She was about 19/20 years old and she went by Xio. I had never heard of the name before, but she wore it well. I really like it!

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    I went elementary school with a girl name Xiomara. Now she is an adult (graduated from college) and that name has lasted her for her entire life (even in highschool- yes we ended up in the same high school as well).
    From experience that name is more than usable and people will get accostomed to it.
    I think it is similar to/better than Siobhan as Xiomara is at least pronounced similar to the spelling.

    For those who asked, the girl I knew pronounced it See-oh-mah-rah or Zee-oh-mah-rah. (not sure which is the right one as I haven't seen her since highschool which has been a few years).

    Like annelore the girl I knew was nicknamed Xio (Zee-oh or See-oh)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainierloner View Post
    Xiomara is a bit extreme for a little girl.
    Just remember she won't always be a little girl. Xiomara will eventually grow up.

    I think Xiomara is a lovely name, but I have a hard time seeing it on an adult, a mother, or grandmother. I feel the name is very youthful and cannot withstand the test of time.
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    Xiomara is very unique, but if you have more children, won't it be hard to find names as unique for siblings? Natalia is my favorite of the other three.

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    Reminds me of the contestant on America's Next Top Model (where I first heard this name). I like it!
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