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    Is Xiomara too unique?

    My husband and I are expecting a baby girl in March. We love the name Xiomara but when we tell people that name, everyone is always like wait what is it? I just wanted to hear what other people thought of the name Xiomara. We also love the names Evelyn, Natalia and Aria.

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    510 is a.bit much, like she'll have to say here name a few times before people can say/remember it. Othere Mara names that you may like is: Samara, Amara, Amaya, Aya.

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    I love it! I knew a Xiumara and I prefer that spelling.
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    How do you pronounce it?

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    Xiomara is a bit extreme for a little girl. I love your other names-- Evelyn is gorgeous, Natalia and Aria are beautiful also.
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