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    I really like Xiomara! A woman at my bank has this name and she is so sweet.

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    Xiomara seems a little too different to me.

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    It's smashing but I think it will only work if you live in a part of the US with a large Hispanic population, or in Latin America itself. Otherwise it'll be a lifetime of headaches and misspelled Starbucks coffee cups.

    In keeping with the Spanish, the first sound is an S.
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    I love it and I don't think it is too extreme at all. It is unusual, and she'll have to spell it, sure, but I just don't see that as a big deal. I have a name that I have to spell for people and it really isn't burdensome. I do use a fake name at Starbucks.

    Xiomara, Natalia, and Aria would be a great set of sisters. I don't think Evelyn really goes, that seems like an outlier. The nickname Xio is really cute, too. I also really like Xiamara with the nickname Xia.

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    Xiomara is lovely and Xio and Xia are great nicknames.

    I love it when I see Spanish choices that are less conventional to the Anglophone ear or eye, I say go for it.

    Ximena (Spanish version Simone or Chimene, depending on source) is another possibility if you love Xiomara, as is Azucena and Llesenia/Yesenia.

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