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    Would love opinions on my lists!

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a year or two out from having a baby, but, ever the planner and name nerd, I would love your honest opinions on my lists. Any additional suggestions and/or mn suggestions would also be fantastic!

    If it helps, ln is Mayer, pron. like Oscar, not John.

    Thanks so much!


    Henry (nn Huck) – My absolute fave. We'll see if I can convince the husband.
    Huck (on its own)
    Theodore (nn Theo)

    GIRLS: (These are more difficult and up in the air)


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    Henry (nn Huck) – I love Henry, so very handsome. I also love the nickname Huck.
    Huck - I feel Huck is a nickname.
    Knox - I really like Knox but only as a middle name.
    Grady - Grady is okay.
    Finnegan - I like Finnegan but love Finn and Finley.
    Theodore (nn Theo) - I really like Theodore. I do not care for Theo. I love Teddie and Bear as nicknames.
    Archer - I love Archer but prefer Asher.
    Hayes - Hayes is really nice.
    Arlo - I do not care for Arlo.
    Everett - I love Everett.

    Elliott - I love Elliot. I can see it on both genders but prefer it for a boy.
    Quinn - I really like Quinn.
    Marlowe - I have mixed feelings about Marlo/Marlowe.
    Margot - same as above
    Mabel - I do not care for Mabel.
    Greer - I do not care for Greer.
    Connelly - I do not care for Connelly. I also feel it is very masculine.
    Everly - Everly is okay.
    Scout - Scout is okay.
    Bellamy - I do not care for Bellamy.
    Waverly - I love Waverly.
    Vada - I do not care for Vada.
    Leighton - I do not care for Leighton.
    Campbell - I do not care for Campbell.
    Corrigan - I do not care for Corrigan.
    Hartley - I do not care for Hartley.

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    I love Finnegan and Margot

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    Well, you and I seem to have pretty similar tastes, especially with girl names (and, a bit of a warning: we tend to go against the grain of most of the Name Berries - Unisex/Masculine names on girls is not their thing!)


    Henry (nn Huck) – My absolute fave. We'll see if I can convince the husband. --Henry is getting pretty popular in my area, but it's still adorable. I LOVE the nickname Huck!
    Huck (on its own) -- I do prefer it as a nickname for Henry. I have also seen it as a nn for Hawthorne. It's cute on it's own, too!
    Knox -- I used to have this on my list, recently let it go. I still love it as a middle name option, though!
    Grady -- Another name on my (extended) list. I think it's adorable! I like a few 'G' names - Grader, Gunner, Gannon
    Finnegan -- LOVE. So much better than the more trendy Finley. Love Finn as a nn, although I prefer the proper name. This is one of my favorites on your list.
    Theodore (nn Theo) -- This is a NB favorite, but it's only been recently growing on me! I prefer Thayer and Topher
    Archer -- The cartoon series has absolutely ruined this name for me. I liked it just fine before that!
    Hayes -- Being a pretty big fan of surnames-as-first-names, I love this! It reminds me of one of my favorites, Hollis
    Arlo -- This is another NB favorite that I'm just not loving yet
    Everett -- This is great, and another favorite from your list. It makes a GREAT middle name - it flows well with so many different names!

    Favorites: Henry, Huck, Grady, Finnegan, Hayes, Everett
    Suggestions: Hawthorne, Gannon, Hollis, Evander, Thayer, Topher, Abram, Anders, Brooks, Eamon, Foster, Stone, Silas, Maxson/Maxon/Maxen/Macsen

    GIRLS: (These are more difficult and up in the air)

    Elliott -- I love this, especially as a middle. It's on my (extended) list. It goes along with my other 'preppy boy' names I like on girls, like Spencer or Sutton.
    Quinn -- Never been too big a fan of this. Possibly because of it's association with the show Daria?
    Marlowe -- Not too sure how I feel about this yet, but I can see it inspiring quite nicknames like Marra or even Marnie
    Margot -- Not a fan
    Mabel -- I love this! It's my grandmother's name as well! Also love Maeve and Maeva
    Greer -- One of my favorite girl names, I prefer the spelling Grier
    Connelly -- Another of my favorites!
    Everly -- This is pretty, although I do prefer the simpler Ever, which is on my short list
    Scout -- Adorable!
    Bellamy -- A newer addition to my list...I LOVE it! SO much better than the other 'Bella' names!
    Waverly -- Very cute, although not my favorite!
    Vada -- Love this (and Vera as well)...and you can't go wrong with the 'My Girl' association!
    Leighton -- The only name here that I prefer on a boy! I don't dislike it on a girl, though. You're pronouncing it Lay-ton, I assume?
    Campbell -- Another masculine-ish surname! Love it! How about Collins, Carsen, or Callahan?
    Corrigan -- LOVE it! I have a slight preference for Carrigan, though...although Corri makes a cute nn.
    Hartley -- Not a huge fan of this!

    My favorites: Elliott, Mabel, Greer, Connelly, Bellamy, Corrigan
    Suggestions: Spencer, Sawyer, Sutton, Maeva, Mila, Ever, Collins, Carsen, Callahan, Carrigan, Noa, Micah, Jude, Rowan, Ramsay, Berlin

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    Abram | Abel | Breccan | Brooks | Foster | Killian | Macsen | Milo | Silas
    Aurelia | Ever | Eloise | Madigan | Maeva | Noa | Romilly | Rowan | Wren

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    @lovemysweeties thanks for the feedback!

    @maevemilly thanks! I do like those two as a sibset.

    @aggielou thanks for all of the suggestions!

    I dig Hawthorne (nn Hawk?), Sutton (getting to trendy?), Ever. A few others are great but can't use due to friends with those names/ln's.

    Glad I'm not the only one stuck in unisex/masculine girl name land. Can't help myself!

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