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    Opinions on Bibi?

    Bibi has recently made it onto my favourites list. I've always really liked it (honestly I like all cute B- names, plus it has a family meaning to me) but it suddenly seems usable to me after finding out it's the name of photographer Mark Borthwick's daughter, who is now also an established photographer.

    I can't find an exact origin or meaning, but it seems to have roots in Latin, Persian, Arabic and French and a general meaning of 'Lady'. I know Nameberry as a whole seems to dislike nickname-y names, but like I mentioned, Bibi has a loose family significance for me, so giving it a longer name would take that away. Plus I strongly believe that 'fuller' names are not particularly necessary (''just Millie''s and ''just Lulu''s are all over the UK, so maybe that has something to do with it).

    My only worry is that it sounds a lot like the word baby, so maybe it could do with a longer name? I'm not sure. I like Beatrix a lot but again I feel it removes Bibi's importance to me.

    Combos I really like are - Bibi Rosemary, Bibi Margaret, Bibi Corinne, Bibi Jemima/Jessamine/Jocasta. Something more substantial in the middle, anyway. Any suggestions? And what do you think as a whole? Thank you!

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    I like it but as a nickname. It sounds very incomplete and like baby (as you said) but it's adorable, so for me, it's a nickname. And nicknames can still convey meaning. If you do end up using it as a full name, I like Bibi Corinne and Bibi Rosemary.

    In case you decide you want a full name:

    Abibi -- springtime
    Bibiana -- live, alive
    Kebibi -- little lady
    Shabiba -- godmother

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    My granny's name is Bibiana and she got called Baby as a nickname.
    I love Bibiana nn Bibi and I have Viviana on my list in honor of her (very low down though as I don't like it as much as my other options).

    I have met a Bibi in real life and I told her Bibiana was my grannys name. She said Bibiana was also her full name and that Bibi was a nickname. So I do think it is a very usable but rare name. I think you can go for it but Bibi is just like Lulu and Coco for me and just does not sound like a full enough name.

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    There is a German cartoon character called Bibi...I'm not sure if it is short for anything but it does remind me of this. I think Bibi is cute but I like it better as a nn

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    I think we like many of the same names SarahOlivia. I ADORE Bibi. Just as I love Vivi and Gigi.
    I personally do prefer a full name, but for some reason I think Bibi stands alone better than Millie etc
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