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    Clubs your children like...

    I used to love attending clubs in school and for sports teams and stuff so Im always looking for different clubs my kids might want to try.
    Do your kids play instruments? Team sports or things like swimming or ballet? Boy Scouts or brownies?
    I'm curious because when I became a teenager I got kinda sad that there wasn't something I could do really well (like dancing or an instrument)

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    I'm a teen berry, and I just happened to come across this thread. Throughout my life, I have been in Brownies and it's other levels, piano lessons, involved at a local club for youth, took dance classes,etc.
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    I don't have kids of my own but when I was a kid I used to take swimming lessons and go to Brownies/Guides. I also played sport after school, both school-run clubs and ones that weren't attached to a school, but I dropped all bar Guides by the time I was 13 because I just had way too much homework to spend every evening at a club as well. I never took dancing or music lessons outside of school, it just wasn't something I was interested in - my coordination sucked, so I was never good at either which probably was why I just wasn't interested in music or dance at school.

    I'd definitely encourage my kids to do after school clubs but I'd never force anything on them, I'd see what they expressed an interest in doing. Well, I'd maybe force them to learn to swim, but not past a level that I know would be enough to save their life if they got into difficulty. School-run clubs would probably help see where their interests lie to an extent, a lot of our ones were either free or much cheaper than if you did it outside of school.

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    My kids are little but both kids started taking swimming lessons off and on after they turn a year old. We're going to continue until at least they're strong enough swimmers that I don't need to worry about them in a pool. After that they'll get to decide if they continue or not. However they both really love swimming and at three years old my son can already jump in and swim back to the wall on his own. We do take breaks from swimming lessons from time to time so they can try other things too.
    My son took ballet last summer and loved it. I'm planning on signing my daughter up for a mommy and me class this summer and my son will do the four year old class. I'd do it during the rest of the year but they require you commit and do it for the entire school year since there is a recital at the end and I'm not ready to commit my kids to a single activity for that long yet. My son really enjoyed ballet but the time wasn't the best with his sister's naptime. It was also too expensive to do a full year of it plus the costume for the recital and all that stuff. Perhaps when they're older if they really want to do it but right now we're just looking to have fun and explore a variety of classes.
    My son has also done a music class and he really liked it. I think when he's older he will most likely pick up an instrument since he's really into music and instruments. He also did a toddler tumbling class it was fun but not worth the cost in my opinion and he's aged out of it now. I'd like to do sports with them at some point but I really try not to overschedule them so they do only one activity at a time and it's done during the day while my husband is at work so we can spend the weekends and evenings as a family. Plus that helps me fill up the long days with the kids.
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