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    Love the suggestion of Clara and Dianna from poster above.
    Also like Juliet with Clara. X
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    Madeleine? -- Eleanor, Amelia, Charlotte,
    Caroline? -- Eleanor, Amelia, Abigail, or Alice
    Darcy? -- wouldn't use this name with your other kids' names
    Juliet? -- Clara, Claire, Adele, Rose or Camille
    Clara? -- Jane, Eleanor, Violet, Grace, Eve, Lucy or Alice
    Tegan? -- wouldn't use this name with your other kids' names
    Claire? -- Anna, Hannah, Evelyn, Alice, Julia, Juliet, Lily or Violet

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    Beth, James, Harry,.......... Margaret and Charlotte! Very in-keeping with your other children's names, and so cute! I, personally, adore the nickname Maisie for Margaret, and with a name like Charlotte, nicknames are endless! Lottie, Charlie, Harlie(not an obvious link to Charlotte, but unique and kind of cute when you think about it). I really like the name Darcy for a boy, but I don't really think it works for a girl. It's very proper, but maybe just a bit too new for those other traditional names. Tegan just won't work, even if it is cute. Juliet's one of my favorites, but kind of overshadows Beth.

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