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    @suzywoo - Not a fan of Judy, and that feels more nickname-y than Jude to me, but thanks!
    @alridge - I love the Beatles song!
    @namefan - As I said, Judith is unusable for me, but thanks for the opinion, every one counts!
    @whirligig - Awesome username btw! I'm worried it's too nickname-y too, but I agree than Judith/Judy are not usable.

    Thanks guys, keep 'em coming!

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    Jude is all boy to me. As a nn for a girl.....maybe. What about Judea? jew-day-uh or jew-dee-uh. Not as commonly used as a name, but because of that it doesn't feel as masculine
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    I LOVE the name Jude for a girl. Just Jude not Judy or Judith. So pretty!

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    I don't particularly like it as a stand-alone name for a girl, only because I like it so much as a boy name. I do like it as a nickname for Judith/Judy or other potential JUD names.

    I understand why Judith is unusable - not a great namesake for your family. However, I think if Judith is out, then Jude is also a little too close for comfort. Many people, upon first meeting her, might assume that Jude is short for Judith/Judy, which could be awkward if your father is around, or if you have some bad feelings towards this woman. Plus, it's only a short, lispy syllable away from being Judith. How do you feel about other JU names? June is only one letter off from Jude, but feels far away from Judith.

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    I too like it as a nn for Judith. I like Judith one it's own. Jude on it's own is all masculine to me.
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