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    A "girl" middle name for a boy?

    In the "Imaginary Birth Announcements" thread I recently mentioned a (fictitious) new nephew named Benjamin Grace, and that his parents decided to use Grace as the MN since they wanted to go counter to the trend of boy's MNs for girls like James and Ray (which this site's founders seem to embrace). I also mentioned that it makes a more unique combo out of two common names.

    This got me thinking - what would you think about giving a boy a girl's (or very female-leaning unisex) middle name? Some I thought would work (that are common MNs for girls) are Claire (some spellings are more unisex or masculine), Grace (as I mentioned being a virtue/word name could be construed to be unisex, although virtually only used for girls), and Marie (sometimes used as a second name on boys in francophone areas). Any other ones (especially the typical fillers for girls) that you think could work on boys?

    Of course I'd only pair them with decidedly masculine first names, so maybe a David Marie or Matthew Claire, but no Rowan Maries or even Ryan Graces.

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    I sort of love it with the right names. Jane is one I love for a guy (because of Jayne in Firefly being so masculine!). So something like Alexander Jane. I keep a tab on my excel folder for guys I've met with girl names (first or middle) so I know it works! Hardly anyone gets to know the middle name so it's really not that big of a deal. And for virtue names (Grace, Hope, etc) there's no reason they can't be used because they have no gender. Girls use Justice, Noble etc (which sound more boyish) so there's no reason a boy can't use Grace or Hope.

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    I really like it. With how many girls have boys names, it's nice to see it go the other way, too.

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    I once met a man named Alison. He was in the army... So, maybe Alison could work as a middle name. I also know a male Courtney. As well as Kelly.

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    Love it! I think many traditionally feminine names would work, esp virtue, word or nature names


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