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    My mum never actually wrapped up her Santa presents maybe to make sure we didn't figure it out that way.
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    When I was in 1st grade, I was a great reader and read Judy Blume's Superfudge. Fudge's brother Peter explicitly says, right there for all the young advanced readers to see, that Santa is fake. I was upset. I haven't told my daughter about Santa, but this year, she talks about Santa a lot from picking up things from Christmas movies and her friends. She has been fairly naughty this week, so Santa threats have passed our lips a few times. I think she realizes the whole charade. She's not phased a bit by my pleadings to be nice. I would rather her see Santa as a game anyway. We are a Christian family and have told her the story of Christ's birth and why we exchange gifts. That's what I want her to focus on anyway.
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    I had never mentioned Santa to my kids until this year. My oldest is 5 and apparently Santa is all the rage with her kindergarten friends!

    When she was an infant I had decided I wouldn't perpetuate the myth and tell her that Santa was a fake. As a Christian, I wanted Christmas to focus on the religious aspects of Jesus' birth. My bf begged me not to tell her he was a fake, though. Her reasoning: she would tell other kids and spoil their fun. I considered her argument and decided she was correct. Over the past 5 years, we just completely avoided the topic, and no Santa books or movies.

    But now, my daughter is fully aware of the myth and told her younger brother how Santa comes down the chimney, etc. I neither confirm nor deny. I am just incredulous and say, "Really? Who told you that?" or "That doesn't sound possible."

    I figure in a couple years she will find out Santa's not real the same way she learned about him in the first place: the school yard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emiliana View Post
    My mum never actually wrapped up her Santa presents maybe to make sure we didn't figure it out that way.
    Our Santa presents aren't wrapped. My mom never did and I've continued the tradition..mostly because I hate wrapping.

    I believed in Santa until I was 10. My mom told me on Christmas Eve. The odd part was...I'd already figured out the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny. But I held onto Santa. When I was about 7 a neighborhood boy told my friends and I that Santa wasn't real. The 3 of is decided we wouldn't tell our parents what we really wanted..and wrote a letter and mailed it to Santa. Well Christmas morning..all 3 of us got what we wanted. Belief sealed for years.

    We play Santa in our house. I see it as more about faith and imagination and believing that there is magic and good in the world. I won't lie to my kids when they eventually ask me though.

    What I don't understand is the parents who tell children Santa isn't real because they want the credit for being Santa Claus.
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    I can't imagine not doing Santa. Its one of my very favourite things about being a parent.

    I did have some reservations about doing it though, as did my husband. Mainly from stuff we ourselves had seen holes in as a child. I remember being younger and always wondering why some of my friends got more than others. Why the starving children in third world countries didn't get anything for Christmas. Why some of my friends' presents were wrapped and why others were not. With this in mind, we decided to things a bit differently.

    Santa only brings one present to my children. Its taken out of the box, and we put a bow on it or something. Its always already assembled. This year Amelie is getting a kitchen and Daisy is getting a trike, so those will be ready to go with bows on. Santa will have brought these.

    Then, under the tree, will be their other presents from my DH and I. The kids will know these are from us. We've spent a lot more than we budgeted on them this year, maybe a few hundred or so each not including their Santa present, but in my defence, they only ever get new toys on Christmas and birthdays so I don't feel too badly about it. I'm not the type of parent that will buy something new "just because". I prefer to just spoil them once or twice a year.

    Amelie has already asked why the poor children in Africa don't get anything for Christmas, and I've told her its because they don't celebrate Christmas there and FC only comes to children who believe in him. She wholeheartedly believes in him but if she starts seriously questioning it, I won't make a fool of her, I'll tell the truth. I can see this lasting another few years at least though, because she's a very innocent child. When she stops believing, I'll make it very clear that she cannot tell this to any of her friends. I'd hate for her to ruin it for someone else's child.

    I do encourage believing but I won't go as far as dressing up as Santa while putting out their gifts. I believed until I was about 11 and never felt traumatised or emotionally scared from the lies my parents told. It was all done in the spirit of Christmas and I was grateful for those wonderful years.

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