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    Our kids believe. We've let them take the lead and any questions they ask we turn them around and ask 'how do you think he does it'. But they only get 1 present from Santa so they understand that it's really family and friends who give us presents. We use different wrapping paper and my mum sends them video emails from Santa.
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    Best Santa advice I read was to tell children that you are leaving the hall light on for Santa and he'll turn it off when he no getting out of bed until that light goes off. A genius way to avoid very early mornings.
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    Reading all the responses I can't believe so many grew up not believing in Santa at all.. I thought it was just something everyone believed in.. some of my fondest memories of childhood are created around the magic of Santa and I couldn't see myself denying my children of that.. one of the things I'm most looking forward to about becoming a mum

    As a child I never felt I was lied to. I always stood by the fact that I knew my family weren't rich, so how could my parents afford to buy gifts for me and my siblings.. Santa HAD to be real.. being the eldest I found out first, asking if he was real.. that's when I grew up.. suddenly I was let in on this "adult" secret and no way would I have imagined ruining that for my brother a d sister.. I was now allowed to go Santa shopping with mum and helped choose presents. It was great!

    Children are only children for a short while and I want mine to believe in magic for as long as possible...

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    We're going to try to do a healthy balance of Santa. I think it's important for children to have that little extra magic in their lives, but I don't want to take any extraordinary measures to delude him if he just isn't a natural believer.

    My parents never really did extremes. Looking back, my dad seemed to be the person encouraging it and my mom was the organizer, and pretty freakish about the advent calendar. Most of our presents were from Santa every year. I don't remember when I started seriously questioning Santa, the guy who drops off presents, but I think my mom handled it very well. She told me that Santa wasn't the physical person they had told me about, but the Spirit of the Season. He was why everyone felt happy and loved giving to others, but it wouldn't work if I was mean or selfish. It let me believe a lot longer in a more adult way, so that's what we plan to tell Ivan and Next Kid when the serious questions start.

    SO wants to do Krampus too, he thinks he's really funny, but I think it's a bit much for a really little kid.

    Also, we don't know what to leave out for Santa... all we can agree on is beer.
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    I'm very far from having my own child, but my parents have always been extremely honest with me. When I was in first grade my best friend was saying Santa wasn't real. Well, I didn't want to believe her, but that day I asked my mom if Santa Claus was real, and she said no.
    That's how I'm going to raise my kids. I think that you should wait until they ask. My brother is 10, and we all think he knows Santa's not real, but he pretends like he does because he doesn't want to end it.
    However, I know a girl who's in 7th grade and still believes in Santa. I don't think that's a problem at all!
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