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    We celebrate the Solstice (but we do presents and things on the 25th too). Tomorrow, we'll do a fire and ritual, eat good foods, and herald in the Suns return. We have never gone wassailing though (I have by myself in the past though). To be honest, most of the symbols used in Christmas have pagan roots and were used longer than Christmas was Christmas. If you want the details, you can PM me. ^_^
    Cody loves that I let him do Odin. I don't worship the Norse gods, but Cody does and he likes that he can use his traditions fully. For Greek Pagans, there's another holiday right now called Brumalia that has to do with Dionysus.
    We'll watch the sunset. We'll light the house with candles to recall a time when fire and sun were the only light and decorate with evergreen boughs and pinecones. We'll eat foods that are growing right now and share stories of the year. Everyone will light a candle and make a wish for the new year and the house will grow brighter, a symbol of the returning sun. Then we'll build a bonfire and make wassail (wassailing being carolling and wassail being a type of ale with cinnamon and brown sugar. Great recipe). Do a little ritual, and then watch the sunrise.

    Krampus is the evil version of Saint Nick, basically. You should check out this website --
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    Interesting. Bookmarked to listen to later.

    Creating an atmosphere of magic around everything is probably going to be pretty important to me. I do worry about crossing that line where my children feel like I'm just a liar (Big Fish is one of my favorite movies), and encouraging them to give their imagination free rein. I often talk about fantastical things as if they're real. I don't really believe, but I like the idea of it all, pretending I suppose. I'm not sure if that's healthy or not, but it works for me. :P Walking through the woods was always a magical adventure with my grandma and my mum. There were witches and faeries everywhere, and I guess I never stopped pretending.

    I have very few memories of Christmas, because we stopped celebrating when I was about 6. I think my first memory was also my last memory, and it was the Christmas I discovered Santa wasn't real. My uncle was only a year older, and he convinced me and my little brother to stay up all night to prove Santa was fake. Well, we stayed up, and caught grandma putting gifts under the tree. I don't remember being sad, we were all laughing. My little brother may have been sad, I seem to have a memory of him crying (he'd have been just barely 5, he's a Dec 23 baby), but I don't know if that's accurate.

    I don't think we're going to go so far as dressing up like Santa; in fact I don't know if we're even going to have presents from Santa. I pinned a neat idea on pinterest the other day. It was, um, let me check. Yes, here it is. *Kindness Elves*. Now this, I love. That's the sort of thing I'd like to do with our kids. My little cousin loves watching Santa's travels on the gps tracker they do for kids, and it's a joy to watch her, so maybe we will do the whole presents/dressing up thing. I guess I need to do some talking with SO about what he'd like to do about Santa.

    So, hmm. My answer is, gosh, I don't know! Time to ponder.
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    In our house, we do not do Santa either. Maeby knows who he is, talks about him sometimes, but we have never told her he is real or that he brings her presents. Her presents have been sitting under our tree for a few weeks now, and she has shown such self control not to open them. We have given her one each day this week so she can enjoy each one, and she will open the rest this evening. She is so excited. When asked who brings her presents, she says "My mom and dad!" and is happy about that.

    She has told us that Santa is scary. She actually described him as "that scary guy with curly white hairs on his chin who wears red" and she was afraid that he was coming into her house (we have a fireplace and a chimney). Our preschool teacher was shocked that we didn't do Santa, but I think she has gotten over it. She as also shocked that we don't celebrate Jesus so I think the Santa thing became an afterthought for her!
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    This thread is great. It's so nice to see different perspectives.

    I didn't want to do Santa at all (Hell, I didn't want to do Christmas, but it's such a big part of my partner's family traditions that it wouldn't be fair to say no.) but in the end agreed with my him to just let the kids believe as they will. I won't be encouraging it, and if they ever ask me if he's real I'll be honest. I'm happy to label one present under the tree as "from Santa" and leave it at that. If they want to leave out cookies and beer, more power to them. But I won't be suggesting it.

    If I have to do this Santa thing though, I'm going to teach my kids that every year they have to leave something under the tree for Santa to take back to his shop and fix up for other kids or be recycled the year after.

    I grew up with Santa, and didn't clue on until I was about to go into high school - even after I walked in on mum and her boyfriend eating Santa's cookies while wearing Santa hats one Christmas eve. I was a dense child lol. I'm not damaged by it at all, but at the same time I don't feel like believing in Santa made the holiday more enjoyable or exciting in any way. What I did know as a kid though was Santa was an unfair bastard. The kids up the road were getting their own TVs, consoles, mountain bikes and all this other expensive stuff that my pensioner mother couldn't dream of affording. We were showered with gifts too, but if we asked for barbie, we got the cheaper glamor doll version, etc. It didn't make sense that Santa gave other kids mambo and billabong but shopped at Target for us!

    My other issue with Santa as a part of holiday tradition is the greed. I hate seeing how greedy my little nieces and nephews are on Christmas. I would like Solstice and Christmas celebrations to be about more than gifts to my kids and too much Santa feels counterproductive to that.

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    My parents did Santa, and I don't resent them for "lying" to me, which I see people mention a lot when they talk about not doing Santa. One year I walked in on my parents putting the presents under the tree, and they told me they heard Santa, and came running out to meet him! They scared him though, so they had to put the presents under the tree.

    I finally worked it out when I started noticing that Santa's presents and Mommy and Daddy's presents had the same wrapping paper. After I found out, I felt like a big kid. First Santa, next the WORLD!

    One year I did ask why some kids didn't get presents from Sana. My parents explained that Santa couldn't afford to buy presents for EVERY child, so parents had to pay for it. Some parents can't afford to pay Santa. That's when we started doing the Giving Tree and buying presents for the unfortunate children on the tree. I also had to chose one Santa gift to donate after Christmas. I think that was a great way to reiterate the joy of giving.
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