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    My mum was always telling us he existed she's never told us that he didn't exist mainly because she thinks my nine year old brother still believes he doesn't mainly because me and my sister told him. If it gets to the level of Brittany on Glee at 16 and still believing in Santa. I was about 8 when I worked out he didn't exist I've always thought quite logically about things so i thought how can he get around the world in one night. In my home town we have a christmas party in which someone dresses up as Santa to this day she still says its Santa's helper to us when at 14, 12 and 9 we know its just a guy dressed up and I wish she would stop because I think she's trying to think that maybe my little brother will stay innocent.
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    My mom never pushed it but she let me believe, I figured out Santa wasn't real on my own around age 7 or 8 and it didn't scar me for life. My stepmom and my dad however wrote "from Santa" on 50% of my Christmas gifts until I was a teenager... ironic considering I bought most of my gifts myself, they just gave us money and told us to buy what we wanted, then wrapped it for us like a surprise. I don't know what I'll tell my kids, I'm not a Christmas person or a parent yet, but I don't think there's any harm in letting kids believe as long as you're not extreme about it.
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    My parents never did the Santa thing. My dad's a clergyman and his whole side of the family are devout Christians, so Christmas was first and foremost a religious holiday in my family. My parents aren't really into pretending/make-believe so I've known as far back as I can remember that Santa wasn't real. That was totally fine with me. I thought (and still think) of him as a fictional character like the Disney princesses or Anne of Green Gables or whatever. That's probably what I'll tell my kids too, that it's a story- Santa may not be real but he's still a nice part of the holidays like cookies and decorations, and stories have their own sort of magic. My sister, though, was rather put out that our parents never did Santa. One woman at my church said she and her husband didn't tell their kids Santa was real because when they learned he wasn't, they might start thinking Jesus isn't real either even though they had been told he was (obviously not everyone agrees, but anyway).
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    This is an interesting thread. I never thought about not telling my kids about Santa. My husband and I are not religious, but our parents are, and we grew up with Christmas. We still celebrate Christmas but more as a tradition rather than a religious holiday. I have many cousins with young children and I love the look on their faces when Santa comes and they see presents in the morning. My parents were big on Santa, and my mom was upset when I revealed to her that I didn't believe anymore, but I think it was a magical thing as a child and I don't see the harm in it. I wouldn't go to extreme measures to trick my kids into believing in him until an unrealistic age, but I think a few years of fun and magic is a wonderful thing. I have great memories from being a child and believing, and memories of after I knew he wasn't real and keeping the charade up for my brother.
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    Oh I'm loving reading everyone's stories.

    Ksilvia - I was like that 13yo cousin of yours. I didn't really believe once I was older, but I have a younger brother, so I felt this strong sense of obligation to maintain the Santa thing for his sake. Used to rush into his room on Christmas morning and jump on his bed and wake him up with a festive blow to the head, "Get up lazy Santa came!" I got really upset when he stopped believing and just wanted an extra hour of sleep.

    Tarynkay, that is hilarious that angsty teenaged you asked your parents for a list of all the other things they lied about. Very cute.

    Dantea, your tradition sounds magical. As a Pagan, is it Yule that you celebrate? I'm really curious about it since it's one of the baby names I'm contemplating. Do you go wassailing? The idea of a solstice celebration appeals to me because I'm not Christian, but I love Christmas traditions, the TREE especially, and the light and warmth during the darkest time of year. Krampus sounds creeeeepy. Is he like Struwwelpeter?

    Geeknames, did you ever see the Shirley Temple "A Little Princess," the scene where Sarah Crewe and Becky wake up in their garret under silk blankets to a roaring fire and warm muffins? Sounds like your Christmas mornings. Your mom sounds like a spectacular Claus, and your neighborhood guy too. "Time zones duh."

    Emiliana - Ah yes, the burden of protecting the "innocent." Sigh.

    Greyer, sounds like your dad and stepmom were very pragmatic about gift-giving. Did you appreciate that, or did you miss all the fuss? I don't like too much emphasis on presents, an overwhelming quantity of presents - the magical part of it is not about all the stuff.

    Azalea, very funny about the woman at your church not wanting to equate Santa with Jesus. Well who needs Santa anyway when you've got the baby Jesus? My grandmother had the most beautiful crèche that she'd set up every year, and she'd wait to put the baby Jesus in until Christmas morning. She knew carols by heart on the piano... She was pretty Christian but her kids were all heathens so I never got religion.

    Katie, yes that look on a child's face on Xmas morning is priceless... somewhere between joyous cherub and treasure-crazed pirate!

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