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    Mariella nn's:

    Obvious - Mary, Mari (Mahrrree), Ella
    Variations - Ari, Ariel, Rielle, Riella, Ellie

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    Lol my MIL Mariella is a grandma also, and her grandma name is Mimi

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    I love Mariella! I like Mari (pronounced like Marie, but emphasis on the first syllable instead of the second) but also Millie/Milly, Melly, or even - my boyfriend's suggestion for any names that begin with MAR - Mars.

    If you don't like any of the nicknames, then you should just call her Mariella. Unfortunately, family members sometimes think they are exempt from following your wishes, and try to bestow nicknames on children (or resist nicknames/names they don't like). It's not really acceptable, even if they are trying to be good-natured about it, but it happens.

    If you only used Mariella, three things could happen: 1) eventually the nickname would wear off and they would think of her as Mariella as well; 2) you would begin to think of her as Melly/Millie/Mari/Ellie/whatever; or 3) she would get to the age of 3 or 4, when children start to form their identity and personality, and she would decide which name she liked, and that would be that.

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    I agree that if you want to just call her Mariella, you should just call her Mariella. And no one has the right to give her a nickname you don't like (until she's older and decides she wants to go by one). Actually, I'd be more "worried" about her choosing to go by one later, if you really dislike them all, but as a baby it's your choice.

    Then again, I generally don't like nicknames and wouldn't call my future children by one unless they asked me to when they were old enough. I don't automatically nickname my friends or anyone else either, only if they tell me to call them ___ or if everyone else does. The "nicknames" I give to friends are generally terms of endearment that stem from inside jokes.

    But more suggestions: Marly, Ria, Rilla
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    Milly (love this one)

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