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    Audrey Plum - neither of these names are usually my style, but I really like it!!
    Maud/e Iris - not loving this combo, sorry! As for Maud vs. Maude, usually I prefer to keep the e ('Anne with an E' has rubbed off on me, I suppose!)
    Enid (Georgina/Lucille) Ffion - I like this combo & would prefer Lucille. I prefer Edith to Enid though.
    Marian Sylvia - really like this!
    Rhoda Scout - I'm kind of just 'meh' about this one. It's the sort of name I could come to love, though.

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    Marian Sylvia is my favorite combo.

    Playing mix and match, I LOVE Sylvia Lucille. Some repeating sounds, but in such a lovely way.

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    Maud/e Iris & Enid Georgina/Lucille are my favorites from your list. Very lovely combos.
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    Audrey Plum. I love Audrey - it is strong yet feminine. Plum adds a whimsical touch. This is my favorite of the names on your list.
    Maud/e Iris I prefer Maude but both versions sounds harsh to me and the name makes me think of mud, I do love Iris and the combo Iris Maude would be a close second to Audrey Plum for me.
    Enid (Georgina/Lucille) nothing about this name appeals,to me. While that is not entirely true. I do like Lucille. But Enid sounds guttural to me, I much prefer Georgia to Georgina, and I don't care for two longer middle names.
    Marian Sylvia I like this name a lot. It is both strong and sweet and variations of Mary are much rarer now. Sylvia flows very well with Marian.
    Rhoda Scout I like the name Rhoda but Scout doesn't excite me with it. Rhoda is strong and I prefer a more feminine middle name with it. I do like Rhoda Fern.

    I like the alliteration of Audrey Anne.

    Variations of Anne would work. Annabel Thora is pretty as is Annabeth Fern.

    Marian Thora is lovely.

    As for Debra.. I like Fern Debra, Iris Debra, and. Marian Debra.
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    Audrey Plum is so lovely!
    I would go for Iris Maude rather than Maude Iris.
    Ffion Lucille is another combination that appeals to me.
    I'm not so keen on Marian Sylvia - I would go for Sylvia Mae
    Rhoda Scout is also less my style. I like Rowan Scout or Scout Rae.

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