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    Looking for opinions on baby #4 names

    Hi all! I'm currently 17w with baby #4 and trying to come up with names to go with my other 3.

    We currently have:
    Jackson Todd (both names were my ex-h's choice)
    Maximus (Max) William
    Izabel (sometimes Izzie) Nora

    I'm 95% sure we have our girls name picked (but still open to opinions), Amelia Irene. I've also kicked around Amelia Grace, but I don't love it as much. Other girl names we kind of agree on:
    Vivienne Grace
    Ella Irene
    Juliana Irene

    Then there is Charlotte Irene, my ultimate fave but DH says no way.

    Irene is my middle name and was chosen for me because a great-grandma on each side of my family was named Irene, so I've really always wanted to use it as a mn for a little girl. We initially were going to use it for Izabel, but decided to give her my mom's name as her mn because my mom plays a very big role in our lives.

    But we are totally lost on boy names. It doesn't help that we really don't agree easily on names. Honestly, it was only just today DH finally said he could do Amelia, which has been one of my front runners from when we found out I was pg.

    I love Finn, DH doesn't. He likes Silas, but I don't like the way it sounds with the other kids. That's about as far as we've gotten with boys. I'm far more picky with boys names than girls names.

    Here are my only boy ideas (I'm definitely looking for more):
    Sullivan (nn Sully) Blake (as of tonight this is our front runner)

    So if we do our front runners our kids would be:
    Jackson, Max, Izabel and Amelia OR
    Jackson, Max, Izabel and Sullivan

    If it helps we have a very Polish last name, ends in -cki.
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