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Thread: Sibling help..

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    Sibling help..

    We have the girl side sorted we are now looking in to the boys side..

    With our girls name almost complete only one part left to decide, we are now struggling on a boys name.

    Would you be so kind as to help me and my mr come up with a name we have some names we like and we would like names to fit with our 2 other children's names. (Which are Bailey & Liberty) Girl name we have picked is Kairi Peyton (Kye-ree)

    We like unusual names and unusual biblical names that have uniqueness and with middle names if you have a suggestion please feel free to add it as we are rethinking boys names completely!!

    Previous names we had in our list can still be possibles -
    Zander Levi Dylan Logan Spencer Harley Sawyer Axel Eldridge Jesse Elijah Niklaus Ezekiel
    Mum to πŸ’š Bailey and πŸ’– Liberty

    Sawyer πŸ’” Dec '16

    Future names--
    πŸ’œMarnie Lynn Isabeau ~ Khione Elisse ~ Wrenley Peyton ~ Kiyomi Inez ~ Kairi Madicyn~
    πŸ’™ Jesse Phoenix Teilo ~ Rafferty Elijah ~ Casey Phoenix Elijah ~ Cyrus ~

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