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    Yay, thankyou so much everyone who responded, I love reading people's fresh takes on these names I've been staring at and mulling over for so long.

    I am super stoked that someone made the connection to Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Clara Schumann, I am a piano teacher and that's why I picked Felix for my boy, and why Clara is on my girls list Frederic is also here because Frederic Chopin is my favourite composer, and it is the strength of my love for Chopin that has kept Frederic on the list for so long despite matchy matchy alliteration with Felix.

    Also to the person who asked where Esmeralda nn Melle came from - I love the name Esmeralda but don't love using it in it's long form all the time, but also don't love Esme or Essie as much as the long version. Melle is a character from an Ursula Le Guin novel I read as a child and was taken by her name at the time, and it came to mind when I was playing around with the sounds in Esmeralda trying to find a possible diminutive I loved. Besides, if Pippa can come from Phillippa (cutting out the soft ph and il sound) why not Melle from Esmeralda? Maybe it would make fore sense as Malda, but I don't love that at all.

    After everyone's responses my favourites are probably Hector, Frederic, Hugo, Aurelia, Clara and Lucille.
    My OH's faves are Jeremy and Elenore (he actually prefers spelled Eleanor) so they get to stay there too.

    However much I adore Theodore and Esmeralda they were cut simply due to length, and as someone said a feeling of fussiness.

    Oh dear I'm not very good at whittling am I? I've still got 8 names...

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