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    Felix is very trendy, id skip Hugo and Theodore

    Frederic - too much alliteration

    that leaves:
    Hector - deserves a comeback, great historic and strong name
    Jeremy - may be too 'normal'...what about Jeffrey?

    Aurelia - okay, seems too popular right now and too flowery to be Felix's sister
    Elenore (known as Elsie) - with Felix feels like a very dated sibet
    Clara - lovely but not too much, straight forward and classic - brings out the best in Felix
    Lucille (known as Lucy) - another very dated sibet
    Esmeralda - where does Melle come from??? besides that lovely and balances Felix well

    Felix & Jeffrey
    Felix & Clara
    Felix & Esmeralda
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    My favorites of the boys are...
    Felix and Hugo (absolute favorite), Felix and Jeremy, and Felix and Theodore

    My favorites of the girls...
    Felix and Aurelia -- (LOVE this pair -- they match so nicely what with their pretty Latin meanings)
    Felix and Elenore -- super cute too, although I don't love quite as much as Felix and Aurelia
    Felix and Clara -- I love how they sound together (both 2 syllables with the accent on the first syllable). They sound matchy and are fun to say together without really having similar sounds or spelling at all, which is awesome. Quite a catchy pair, in my opinion.

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    Felix and Hugo OR Felix and Clara are my favourites. Both options flow really well and look beautiful together.
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    I like Felix and Clara as well. Can't help but think of Felix Mendelsohn-Bartholdy and Clara Schumann. This makes them sound very creativ and classy to me, with an old world charm.
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    The names you chose are lovely to begin with, but I'm picking the ones I think would work best for Felix (gorgeous name by the way). Hugo and Theodore are my top picks. Hugo is beautiful on its own but can also be shortened to Hugh. Theodore with the nickname Theo is just adorable! Aurelia is a beautiful undiscovered gem. There are a lot of nicknames to choose from too (Ari, Lia, Aura...). Clara is nice and so Lucille (I love the nickname Lucy). Elenore I like spelled E-L-E-A-N-O-R. Hope this helps.

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