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    The lure of Q,V,X,Z

    How do you Berries feel about X, Z, Q, and V? I've been loving a combination of names with two X's (Xenia Beatrix!) and although both names are quite solid, I get the sinking feeling that it's just tacky to overuse the "eccentric" letters. Why are these letters so seductive? Why are (boys') names with Xs so trendy right now? Does anyone else out there find the buzzy letters particularly beautiful? Do you find them distasteful? A cheap thrill?

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    I love a bunch of names with X ( Xanthe, Xanthia, Xavier), Q (Quinn, Quincy) and V (Viola, Valencia, Violetta). (I don't really like Y names, like Yvonne or Yasmin )
    It can be a nice break, since most of the popular names start with A, E, or (with tons of abuse) K.
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    I like the eccentric letters! Xenia Beatrix is slightly heavy on the "X's" for my liking, but it's pretty and not nearly as egregious as, say, using Beatrixx or Jaxxon or Ezzra, as some tryndee parents seem to be wont to do.

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    I can't say for Q, V, or Z but i have a (totally unscientific) theory about X.

    So a friend of mine studies handwriting samples for analysis, and she's mentioned that you can tell a lot about people based on how they write the letter X, because it's a letter that is associated with sex. So a small X is very different then a big X in a handwriting sample.

    So, in my mind, i think a lot of people think X is much more daring/sexy/exciting letter. I think this is why people seem to love putting Xs where they don't belong (Jaxon, or even Jaxxon, instead of Jackson).

    This could also explain the popularity of the letter K, which is the most visually similar letter to X.

    Names with Xs are ok to me as long as they are actual names and not tryndee misspellings. Xenia and Beatrix both work, but Jaxon or Braxton don't, to me.

    I will say, Xenia Beatrix seems a little x-heavy for me, but then again i like that the Xs are on either end, sort of framing in the name. I think it could work, but if it were me, if probably go with Xenia Beatrice.

    Again, my theory about the letter X is just based on trivial details...but to me, it explains why X and K are so popular, while other unique letters (Q, U, V, Z) aren't used nearly as often. At least that is the case where i live and with the names I've observed.
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    Xanthe, Xandra, Xavier, Zenobia, Zara, Zia, Zee, Quinn, Yara, Beatrix, Bellatrix, and so many more are gorgeous. I don't think Xenia Beatrix is too much "x," as long as you are pronouncing Xenia as Zee-nee-uh.
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