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    Teal -- I'm fond of a lot of word names, but not this one. I don't feel it's very wearable.
    Claudette -- This is so lovely and frilly -- in a good way. I like that its sounds are familiar, but it's not common.
    Fauna -- This makes me think of the green fairy from Disney's Sleeping Beauty, so I'm not a fan of it for a child.
    Olympia -- Stately and grand.
    Bernadette -- I think it depends how you feel about the nickname "Bernie" on a little girl. It's likely to be used, at some point, by someone. If you like it (I'm a Bernadette Peters fan, and think it's cute), it's a great name.
    Merit -- I also adore virtue names, but this is not a favorite.
    Marigold -- This is a personal favorite. Tons of cute nickname potential.
    Veronica -- A glamorous name -- I think of Veronica Lake -- which is a plus in my book.
    Wilhelmina -- nms
    Emmanuelle -- nms
    Fern -- Another sweet nature name. Love the literary connection to Charlotte's Web, too.
    Constance -- Not one I'd choose personally, but I think it would age well and could be very nice.
    Beatrice -- Not a fan. I'm with you, c@29. I don't get it. But it serves well in the middle spot.

    Possible combos:
    Claudette Jean
    Fern Eugenie
    Constance Irene
    Veronica Jean
    Bernadette Iris

    You've got so many beautiful choices on here! Have fun figuring out which one is just right!

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    First Names:
    Teal - Nice color, but I don't like it as a name. Also, I went to high school with a boy named Teale. (It's a type of duck.)
    Claudette - Nice. I prefer Collette, though.
    Fauna - I do like it. But it's guilty pleasure only, I think.
    Olympia - Seems like a lot to live up to.
    Bernadette - I could probably feel warm and fuzzy about it if I had a good association with the name, but it's just "meh" to me. And I wouldn't like the nickname "Bernie".
    Merit - I would spell it Marit (Swedish form of Margaret) instead of like the word "merit". Love it, though!
    Marigold - NMS
    Veronica - I have a bad association with this one. Very bad.
    Wilhelmina - See Bernadette.
    Emmanuelle - Sounds like a nun's name. (Not that there is anything wrong with that!)
    Fern - I've always loved Fern! Reminds me of Charlotte's Web. Very sweet.
    Constance - It's okay. I dislike the nickname "Connie", though.
    Beatrice - LOVE Beatrice! I would call her "Baby Bee". LOL!

    Honor Middles:
    Constance - Works well as a middle. Better in the middle than as a first, I think.
    Beatrice - YES!
    Mary/Marigold - I prefer Mary to Marigold. I really like Mary.
    Irene/Iris - I prefer Irene to Iris, but that's just me.
    Jean/Eugenie/Eugenia - I prefer Eugenie/Eugenia to Jean. Jean seems boring.
    Barbara - Not crazy about it, but if it honored someone I loved I'd go for it anyway.
    Dominique - Not a fan of this name. It makes me think of the word "dominatrix". Haha!
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    I think I do like nun names @thatkatheryngirl

    Is Bunny a stretch for a Bernadette nickname? What about Bette? I am not a big fan of Bernie.

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    I think Bunny and Bette work for Bernadette. I know one Bernadette who goes by Birdie, and I know OF another, so that would work - I actually love it!

    Bernadette is serious to me, though Birdie and Bunny aren't, so I like lighter middles: Bernadette Marigold, Bernadette Teal.

    Constance is a favorite of mine. NN Tansy is sweet, but so is Connie, in a way.

    "Nun names" made me LOL. I have an M first name and the middle name Theresa, and I have had a lot of people say it sounds nunish!
    Catherine/Kathleen, Susan/Susannah, Anne/Anna/Annabeth, Jane, Margaret/Marguerite, Rose/Rosemary, Cecile/Cecily, Flora/Laura, Gwendolen, Paloma, Tabitha, Lucille, Beatrice, Harriet

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    Quote Originally Posted by tararyaz View Post
    I think I do like nun names @thatkatheryngirl

    Is Bunny a stretch for a Bernadette nickname? What about Bette? I am not a big fan of Bernie.
    LOL! I think I do too, honestly! Evangeline is my favorite "nun name".

    My college roommate's mother was named Bernadette nn Bernie. There is nothing remotely attractive about that nickname, if you ask me. I think Bunny is adorable, though! But it's too cutesy beyond a certain age. (And then it starts heading into the stereotypical sluty/ditzy/blonde territory, doesn't it?) Bette would work beautifully, though. Don't know why I didn't think of that. Very classy.
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