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    WDYT of Foster Ezra Grey?

    Our boy name is Foster which I know is not everyone's cup of tea but we're in love with it. We've had it picked for quite a while. I'd just like opinions on the middles. We like it paired with Grey but Foster Grey for me has always been a bit choppy sounding to me with the surname. The surname is Huntley but change the t to a d.

    Foster Grey Huntley

    I've been thinking about adding a 2nd middle and I really love Ezra. FI knows I love Ezra... he's not the biggest fan but said he could live with it in a middle spot.

    So what do you think of Foster Ezra Grey?
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    I love the name Ezra, but in this combination, I like it more without Ezra added in. I think your original name flows well and I don't think Ezra fits in at all.

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    I think the full name sounds better without Ezra as well. Foster Ezra Grey is a great name though.

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    I really like Foster actually. Very handsome and flows nicely with the subtle softness of Grey.
    Instead of Foster Ezra Grey plus the two syll surname, I feel like adding Ezra makes it choppier than if you left Ezra out.
    Instead of adding a two syllable middle before Grey, I'd keep it as Foster Ezra or add a three syll name before Grey.
    Foster Morrison Grey
    Foster Elijah Grey
    Foster Elias Grey
    Foster Elliot Grey
    Foster Ellison Grey
    Foster Ezekiel Grey ...I know that's four syllables from Ezekiel but Ezra makes me think of Ezekiel so I thought you might like it.
    Foster Emerson Grey
    Foster Adrian Grey
    Foster Davian Grey

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    I'm not the biggest fan of Foster but it's not bad and love Ezra. BUT I think they don't go together. The endings kind of bother me, they sound similar but are spelled differently, I prefer different endings.

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