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    I'm a huge fan of Claudia. I like the idea of Claudia Jane...
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    Claudia by far!
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    I know a teenager named Claudia, and the name suddenly felt much younger to me. I'm really starting to love it. I'm not a big fan of Pamela. Someone suggested Paloma, and that does sound prettier to me than Pamela.
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    Claudia is a hidden treasure in my opinion. I think you should go with that.

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    Pacifica: Thanks for all the suggestions! I like Pamela Briony, Pamela Iris, and your idea of Hesper, reminded me of Vesper which has special meaning to me, so I like Pamela Vesper too! I also like Claudia Penelope, Willow, Jane and Elowen.

    axps: I love Pamela Violet/Clover too! Thanks!

    Juniperle: I like Claudia Jane too! And Jane is a family name that I have to use, but I wasn't sure if it fit.

    Everyone: Thanks for everything. Any more middle name ideas?

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