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    Forgot to tell you...

    The other day I posted a forum that asked you guys for your opinions on my favorite Girls names. but I forgot to add my opinions on them because I thought that it could possibly change your opinion. Thank you to all of those who responded last time, I would love it if you could respond again and If you didn't respond feel free to express your opinion even if it has already been said. It just helps me out with my thoughts. here are my own opinions...
    McKenna - A name I love for the Mc even if it eventually becomes dated in the near future. One of my friends named McKenna is absolutely gorgeous and Love the nickname Kenna.
    Odelia - I came across this name looking for something to honor my Grandmother Virginia Opal. I saw it and fell in love with it. because it is after her, I feel pressured to use it even though I like it. Maybe use the nickname Delia?
    Eliza - I like this name because it honors myself and My aunt(my middle and her first is Elizabeth.) But the thoughts of my family and friends have convinced me to like it even more as their favorite name is Isa , which is too short for me. I cant find a good nickname though...
    Roslynn - Though most people tend to naturally pronounce this name ROZ-lin and use the nickname Roz, I prefer the pronunciation ROSS-lin with the nickname Ross or lynnie. I prefer the Lynn part of it versus lyn, lin, or len because that looks the most correct as that is how you would spell Lynn by itself. One downfall to this name is that I have a friend who had a traumatic experience with a cousin name Roslynn pronounced ROZ- lin. A little confusing!
    Sheridan - I found this name while looking for names to honor a Daniel( my grandfather). I've liked it ever since and love the nickname sherrie even though it is slightly dated, the ie ending gives a modern feel. My sister knows this name as a girl she met at church, I have never met this little girl...
    Sorry this is so long, it was difficult to express my feelings quickly. All opinions welcome even if you hate all of them! Also include middle names to your favorites if possible. Thanks so much for reading!

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    I still think the name Odelia is gorgeous and so is the nickname Delia. I completely understand your train of thought with the own opinion thing, good idea!

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    If you want to see the previous version of this the title is: narrowed it down to 5. The poll consists of 5 names, vote for your favorite and to help me out also vote for your favorite spelling of McKenna/Makenna/Mackenna. Thanks so much!

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    McKenna: Not my style. Something about the capitalized K in the middle bothers me, and I'd worry that it's a very trendy name.
    Odelia: Sounds like a combination of Odette and Ophelia. I don't love it, but it's okay. I dislike Delia.
    Eliza: Lovely! Eliza is wonderful - spunky and sweet and classy all at once. I like Eliza Sage, Eliza Polly, Eliza Clementine, Eliza Daisy, Eliza Rosamund...
    Roslynn: I get what you're saying about -Lynn, but I don't like this spelling much. I like the name though. Roslynn Cecily?
    Sheridan: I love Sheridan, but not on a girl. It sounds more like a boy name to me.
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