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    Debating over Vivienne or Elle

    It's time to pick a girl name, and I've tossed out my other options: Mia Camille, Sophie Monroe, and Camilla Blake.

    Final two are
    Vivienne Kate and Elle Alexandra

    This is our first child. I love both names for different reasons. I love the sound of Vivienne, love that it is classic, smart, and beautiful.... But it is long and wondering if it sounds too stuffy?

    Elle is short and sweet and sounds beautiful as well. But it's also more popular/more common..
    What do you think ?

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    Vivienne Kate. Not too stuffy at all.

    Elle Alexandra doesn't flow quite as well, plus she'd be swimming in a sea of Ellas/Ellies and other El- names.

    However, you might want to note that Vivienne is more popular, statistically, than Elle, and combined with Vivian it's massively more popular. I don't know how you feel about that.

    (honestly my choices would be Mia Camille or Sophie Monroe - gorgeous! What about Elle Camilla? Vivienne Sophie?)
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    I do love the ones I threw out... Husband said no to Sophie, and Mia just didn't quite work for me. If we do choose Vivienne, I want the middle name to be short, one syllable. I just love the sound of Kate with it.

    As far as Elle Alexandra... Alex and Alexander are family names.

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    I like Vivienne Kate! Not to stuffy at all. Kate is a great pairing to Vivienne, it grounds the name perfectly,

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    I like Elle. I've never liked Vivian/Vivienne at all.

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