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    having a bit of a panic

    Hi All,
    We will hopefully find out the gender of our second baby in about 2.5 weeks. I promised myself that i wouldn't freak out about names until we knew what we're having, but i can't help it- i'm freaking out because we have no girls names that feel right.

    What we do know is this:
    1. The middle name is definitely going tobe Susannah.
    2. We want the name to sound right with big sister Juniper, but we don't want anything themed, so no botanical, nature, word or food names ( Juniper is mainly thought of as a spice in the Uk). This rules out a lot of lovely names, but its just what we feel comfortable with.
    3. Our last name starts with Or, so lovely names with a prominent Or sound (eg Cora, Coralie, Aurora, Oriana etc) are a mouthful and it doesn't work
    :-(. It also ends in an EE sound so sounds funny with a first name ending in -ie or-y
    4. We like nicknames
    5. We want something in the sweet spot between popular and obscure, unusual but familiar.

    We have considered but crossed off the following:

    These are the two left standing:
    Celeste- but i can tell DH isn't feeling it and it isn't great with Susannah
    Beatrice- we both like it. I'm not sure if i really love it but am open to persuation.

    Can you help me??I'm really starting to worry! Thank you so much for reading :-)
    ~ Mama to Juniper and Arlo ~

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