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    Is Jane too boring with our last name?

    I love Jane as a first name, but our last name is Peters and I worry it ends up sounding too dull or generic. If we used it we would choose a 3+ syllable middle name to spice it up (some of my favorites are Miriam, Delores, or Isobel) but middle names don't get used that often... Is Jane Peters too bland? Would Joan be any better (or worse)?

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    I like Jane.
    Jane Peters is definitely not exotic and sultry but it's a very pretty name. If you love it, then go for it.
    She can always go by her mn or a nn if she wants something more exciting.
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    I don't think it's too bland/boring. To me it's classic/timeless/elegant. It's kind of like a little black dress or pearls. Some people might argue that it's boring, but it will never go out of style and will never date her.

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    Jane is fresher than Joan. I think it's fine...Classic, professional, competent-sounding.

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    Jane is much better than Joan. I think Jane Peters is cute, classic and timeless. She will stand out for that in a time of 'unique' spellings and made up names.
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