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    Thank you for all the thoughtful replies everyone! I'm sorry i haven't been back to this thread for ages to respond to you all- very bad forum manners on my part! The Christmas craziness took over for a couple of weeks and i've been trying to resume normal service for a few days.

    I love so many of your suggestions, and ran a lot past DH. In the end, we had to veto most because they had already been used by close friends and family or didn't really work with our LN. We ummed and ahhed over the Beatrice/Beatrix question for a few days and decided we like them both, but maybe not enough. They will stay on the list for now but i just don't feel a connection to them. I still love Celeste, and i picture a clear, starry sky which i love in partnership with Juniper's name. But DH just isn't loving it- he thinks its pretty but i can tell he'd never really feel completely happy with it.

    But then the other evening, DH suddenly said "what about Estelle?". I must have run across the name dozens of times but dismissed it because its the name of an aquaintance's daughter (but i've only met the aquaintance twice and we only have one mutual friend), buthearing DH say it made me realise how pretty it is, and i still get my starry sky! I love the nn essie, and probably would have used it if we'd gone with Celeste, its the right level of popularity (familiar but only 825 here in the UK last year), and sounds good with our last name-tick, tick, tick! So what do you think about Estelle Susannah?

    The gender scan is tomorrow, and of course this might all be completely academic, but its so nice to have a plausible girl's name option!
    ~ Mama to Juniper and Arlo ~

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    Hi! I love the name Juniper but agree that it is hard to find a good girl match that isn't also botanical or very nature-y. Juniper is mostly girlish now, I know, but it still has a bit of a unisex feel. I would avoid names that end in -a or feel super feminine. I know you said "no botanical names", but I would be very tempted to pick something a bit buoyant and yes, possibly nature-related, to complement it. Estelle seems a bit frilly and feminine in comparison-- so does Celeste.

    Some other celestial names (or Ancient Greek, which just automatically feels celestial) I thought of that go with Juniper to my ear:
    Daphne (very subtle nature tie-in-- it means laurel. And it sounds right with Juniper)
    Calliope (one of my faves, and I think a nice match with Juniper)

    It's much easier to come up with complementary names with a nature-y feel. Some of the ones that immediately came to mind for me:
    Clover (probably a bit much)

    Good luck, and keep us posted!

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    @Rosierose- thanks for your comments! I know what you mean about Juniper having unisex roots, but to me it has always felt very girly. My daughter is mostly called Juni or June which feel very sweetly feminine to me and she is a very girly girl so i've not got a problem with a bit of frill for the next girl. We've definitely won't be using a nature/botanical though- i agree it does work on paper but feels too much like the names of a line of furniture or soaps than real little girls. I do like Cleo and Daphne and will mull over those. I do love Pearl, but Dh does not at all! Luna is lovely but a bit rhymey with Juniper. I really like Nova but it has unfortunate associations with a dreadful old make of car in this country!
    ~ Mama to Juniper and Arlo ~

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    Juniper and:

    Beatrix, Lavinia, Maeve, Margo, Matilda, Paloma, Willa

    {Why not? names from "The Baby Name Wizard"}
    "Close your eyes and think about it.

    Which name do you really, really love the most?

    Go with the one that makes you smile every time you say it."

    --Suelain Moy, author

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    Estelle Susannah is very very pretty. Another suggestion that may be a little out there but that popped into my head with suggestions of Beatrix and Estelle and celestial names is Bellatrix... Pretty bold & quirky but so is Juniper! Bellatrix Susannah sounds great!

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