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    I mean this as nicely as possible... Your daughter is too old for you to change her name. One Dutch receptionist does not the rest of the world make. I am a teacher and I can assure you, her initials will be E. V without the rest of it when she is in school. I understand the initials issue, but she already identifies with her name. Changing it now will be more detrimental than the occasional EVL initial issue.
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    Nooo.. it can't be EVIL because the V and the L are seperated there. Maybe just EVL looks like Evil? I would go form Emma to Gemma or Alma. Emma to Gemma is hardly noticable...

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    I agree that changing is not an option at that age. It's now her name and not yours to change anymore. I think adding a middle name would be okay. Or does she already have one? If so I don't see a problem at all. And even now...the only initials I find truly bad are those who somehow connect to sexual diseases or sexual practices (STD, BJ). Her's aren't perfect, but it's not even the real word.

    You know what's interesting? I've come across posts like this often on nameberry but not once on German websites. I truly believe the reason is that you cannot change a child's name in Germany, not without very very good reasons (Child's name is offensive or the child will undeniably suffer e.g.). We humans tend to obsess over things we decided but we know there is still a way out. I do the same with my career choices so I feel you.
    So what I believe is important to say to yourself: You made the decision, you thought about it a lot and it wasn't just you who decided it. But it' over. You made the decision, her name is E...a. And now you need to let it go. You need to stop thinking about it, force yourself to do so. Buy items with her name on it, remember why you loved it in the first place.

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    Thank you to both of those replys i really appreciate it.her middle name is Josephine. Her older brother goes to school and the teachers write his initials on his schoolwork as M V L and lately its been stressing me out As i worry when she starts school her work will show the initials as E V L. I did bring this up with my husband in the early days but be said don't worry about it and as a tired working mum of 3 under 4 I didn't put too much thought into it and now that I have caught up on my sleep and I'm signing her up for things I think what have I done?! I really feel like I have potentially caused an issue for her that didn't need to be there since there are so many wonderful girls names out there that don't start with an E.

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    I personally feel like you're worrying over nothing (she'll probably think those initials are awesome once she gets to high-school - and if she marries likely she'll change her last name anyway. She'll be an adult longer than she'll be a kid, right?) but it obviously bothers the crap out of you, so change it. You're going to know her forever. If you're going to regret this forever, change it. Seriously.

    Lots of kids have nicknames or more than one name. (My daughter will respond to both her real name, Isis, and "Sugar" which her aunt calls her. She doesn't appear confused.) I liked the suggestion of a second middle name. Gemma is also perfectly do-able.

    Do what you need to do to come to peace with this. Best of luck.

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