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    What do you think of my updated Girls list

    1. Freya Eloise
    2. Aria Paige
    3. Arista Anne
    4. Emilia Rose
    5. Harmonia Jayne
    6. Cassia Graciana
    7. Callista Beau
    8. Magnolia Faeth
    9. Franki Marie
    10. Gianna Belle
    11. Dawna May
    12. Clarity Jae
    13. Lilah Kait (Kait-- is to honor my baby sister Kaitlyn)
    14. Esther Chloe
    15. Hadley Gabriella
    16. Agatha Breeze

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    Freya Eloise is beautiful. Esther Chloe would be my 2nd choice. Emilia Rose is nice but Rose bores me.

    Aria Paige has nice flow, tho Paige feels slightly dated and Aria overdone. It's cute though. Same with Gianna Belle, except reversed: Gianna feels dated, and Belle overdone.

    Lilah Kait is cute. Neither is my preferred spelling (Lila Kate) but it's nice that it honors your sis.

    Your style is very different from mine but I like all these names: Emilia, Cassia, Callista, Freya, Eloise, Esther, Chloe, Agatha....
    Suggestions: Verity Jayne/Jane, Agatha Jayne/Jane, Aurora May/Mae, Emilia Anne, Cassia Belle, Hadley Paige...
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    My faves...
    Clarity Jae
    Dawna May, although Dawn Marielle would be soooo wonderful
    I like Callista and Faeth a lot and think Callista Faeth sounds better than the other ways they were paired.
    I also really like belle in the middle but again, I didn't quite love the way it was used.
    I like harmony better than harmonia BC I feel like harmonia is trying to hard.

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    My favorites are Freya Eloise, Emilia Rose, and Esther Chloe.

    I love Callista, Clarity, and Agatha, but not the middle names they're paired with. Agatha Callista?

    I like Cassia and Graciana, but combining them makes the whole thing a bit lispy and difficult to say for me.

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    My favourite is Freya Eloise. I also like Franki Marie, but I would prefer Frances Marie, with Frankie as the nickname.
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