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    Disney Name Quiz 2

    Daughter 1:

    First Name: Where in Disney would you most like to live?

    Snow White's World: Sophia.
    Cinderella's World: Isabelle.
    Aurora's World: Alexandra.
    Ariel's World [either Atlantica or Prince Eric's kingdom]: Aurelia.
    Belle's World [either her village in Gascony or in Beast's kingdom]: Vanessa.
    Agrabah [Jasmine]: Genevieve.
    Jamestown, Virginia [Pocahontas]: Erica.
    China [Mulan]: Sarah.
    New Orleans, Louisiana [Tiana]: Sierra.
    Corona [Rapunzel]: Christiana.
    DunBroch [Merida]: Arianna.
    Arendelle [Anna & Elsa]: Claire.

    Middle Name: What's your favorite alternate Disney universe?

    Monsters Inc/Monsters University: Marie.
    Wonderland: Rose.
    Cars/Planes: Alice.
    Neverland: Mae.
    Pixie Hollow: June.
    Toy Story: Jane.
    Halloweentown/Christmastown: Rae.

    Son 1:

    First Name: What's your favorite Disney castle?

    Prince Florian's/Snow White's: Sebastian.
    Prince Charming's/Cinderella's: Alexander.
    Prince Phillip's/Princess Aurora's: Jacoby.
    Atlantica: Jonathan.
    Prince Eric's/Princess Ariel's: Edward.
    Prince Adam's/Belle's: Daniel.
    Aladdin/Princess Jasmine's: Maxwell.
    Emperor of China's: Adam.
    Princess Rapunzel's/Eugene's: Jacob.
    Princess Merida's: Lucas.
    Queen Elsa's/Princess Anna's: Mason.

    Middle Name: Who's your favorite Disney sidekick?

    The Seven Dwarves: Michael.
    Flora, Fauna, & Merryweather: James.
    Jaq and Gus: Drake.
    Sebastian & Flounder: John.
    Lumiere & Cogsworth: Jack.
    Abu: George.
    Meeko & Percy: David.
    Mushu: Henry.
    Charlotte "Lottie" La Bouff: William.
    Pascal & Maximus: Scott.
    Olaf & Sven: Brian.

    Daughter 2:

    First Name: Have you been to Walt Disney World or Disneyland?

    Walt Disney World: Seraphina.
    Disneyland: Rosaline.
    Both: Gabrielle.
    Neither: Melrose.
    Walt Disney International [i.e. Paris]: Emma.

    Middle Name: Who do you relate with in the films?

    Royals: Kate.
    Commoners: Paris.
    Peasants: Leighton.
    Villains: Amber.
    Supernatural [i.e. mermaids, fairies, etc.]: Taylor.
    None: Morgan.

    Son 2:

    First Name: Do you prefer older Disney [Snow White, Cinderella] or new Disney [Frozen, Tangled]?

    Old: Damian.
    New: Rocco.
    Both: Joshua.

    Middle Name: Did you ever dress up like a Disney character as a child?

    Yes: Bennett.
    No: Christopher.

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