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    From your list I really love:

    Sylvana Margo Andromeda is swoony for me.

    My grandmother's name is actually Vesta. It's unusual but I've always thought it was beautiful.
    Nova is another from my family tree
    Cyrene is one of my favorites and her mythology is related to Apollo (according to wikipedia at least )
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    I consider my name taste be similar(ish) lol

    Persephone was a contender for me as well.
    I'll admit I know very little about the gods and my mythology is very limited as well (I used to be into it but my memory is horrid).

    So, these are solely based on how they sound.

    Aurelia (though I saw you said no more A's) was my first option. It was a very strong contender with Cordelia
    Ophelia- was my #1 choice had Donovon been a girl.
    Helena- I prefer the He-len-uh pn, and think it'd be lovely with Persephone
    Sapphira- This is probably my favorite paired with Persephone. I had a friend in highschool named Saphira (she pn it Suh-fear-uh), Sapphira is typically "sa-FYE-ra". Both were on my short list had Donovon been a girl, I considered one of them for Cordelia, but I moved back to the town Saphira is from and thought people would assume she was a namesake, when really I just loved her name... (sorry, I like to talk lol).
    Kerensa- I recently fell in love with this but Matt said no without hesitation. Boo.
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    I had no idea people still worshiped the Greek gods. How interesting.

    I'm not sure if anyone already suggested it, but have you thought of Gaia? It's one of my favorite names actually, I think it's beautiful.

    There's also Circe, and Calypso. Those are both very pretty
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    I haven't bestowed my full-blown-magick list on anyone in quite a while, so here you go!! Sorry for any repeats, or if the descriptions don't apply to you...they're there to remind me why I love these names ^_^ Hope you find something you like!

    Amaryllis - flower name meaning "to sparkle," from Virgil's epic
    Anastasia - lost daughter of the Czar, meaning "resurrection"
    Ariel - "lion of God," Shakespearean sprite, and of course, the mermaid!
    Arwen - "noble lady," LOTR's elven princess
    Astoria - magickal seaside town on the Oregon coast, plus the to-die-for nickname Story!
    Astri - variant of Astra (Latin, "of the stars") and Astrid (Norse, "divinely beautiful")
    Aurelia - "golden one," mother of Julius Ceaser
    Cerelia - "of the spring", the festival of Ceres
    Cerys - pronounced like Karis, means love
    Corisande - ADORE this one. love the meaning: "healing heart"
    Daenerys - the Dothraki khaleesi in GoT/A Song of Ice and Fire
    Daranya - clouds, mystery, the night
    Delphine - dolphins and delphiniums
    Eirene - goddess of peace, daughter of Poseidon
    Elentari - elvish, "queen of the stars"
    Elidi - "gift of the sun"
    Elowen - "elm", which I love. I'm a sucker for tree names.
    Evangeline - "bearer of good news," the epically beautiful Longfellow poem and the star (reincarnated firefly) from Princess and the Frog
    Faerydae - no idea why I'm so obsessed with this name...I just am
    Fairuza - Turkish word for turquoise...bohemian bliss
    Faline - "catlike", Bambi's dainty girlfriend (this is part of my dance name!!!)
    Fantasia - fan-TAY-zha (Disney) or fan-tah-SEE-ah (operatic); means "imagination"
    Farasha - gorgeous sound...means "butterfly" in arabic
    Felicity - "good fortune, happiness, luck;" my favorite of the American Girls
    Fenestra - means "window"... I own the Fenestra tarot deck and the art is exquisite. I will always associate this name with the briar-rose motif on the back of the cards
    Firenze - Italian for Florence and the name of the centaur divination teacher from Harry Potter
    Forsythia - dainty yellow flowers and all my favorite sounds
    Gwyneira - "white, snow, fair." the ultimate fairytale name in my opinion, as it makes me think of Guinevere and Snow White
    Illyria - Shakespearean name that actually refers to an ancient region along the Adriatic Sea.
    Lirael - popular theory is that it means "my song" or "my joy"...but really it was made up for the Abhorsen character
    Lumiere - means light... I love that it looks and sounds just like soft warm candlelight. I don't like that it's the candelabra from Beauty and the Beast
    Luneira - I was told this means moonlight, but I can find no evidence of it, so it's on shaky ground.
    Luna - the moon. favorite variation: Luneth
    Luthien - elven princess...can be translated "enchantress" in one dialect and "blossom" in another
    Melusine - water fairy/freshwater mermaid who lived on the Isle of Avalon
    Morwenna - saint's name meaning "wave of the sea;" a variation of Morgana, the Arthurian sorceress
    Naima - "tranquil"
    Namine - "born from air and water", Kingdom Hearts reference
    Nephele - cloud nymph
    Nerine - a type of lily, but sounds so much like Nerida or Nerise or all the other nymph/Nereid/"of the sea" sorts of names.
    Nerissa - Shakesperean gem meaning "of the sea"
    Nimith - "transformation" or more literally "to cause to appear by magic." some confusion over whether or not this is technically a boys' name
    Niviera - "stream or river"
    Ondine - spirit of the waters, means "little wave," a favorite movie
    Ophelia - "help, aid"...the mysterious Shakespearean heroine who spoke the language of herbs
    Oriel - "golden", angel of destiny (also a type of window)
    Orithyia - nymph, nereid, and wife of the north wind
    Paravel - the Narnian castle
    Primeveire - French for primrose. not the strongest choice, but so lovely
    Reverie - "to dream", one of my favorite pieces of music ever
    Saffron - an exotic, expensive spice with incredible healing properties, and a Firefly reference
    Saskia - Rembrandt's wife; means "knife"
    Satia - "truth", goddess of witches
    Senara - "light", a Cornish saint who was once a mermaid
    Senna - Arabic meaning "brightness," an herbal/botanical name
    Seraphine or Serafina - "fiery," "ardent," "little angel," and Serafina Pekkala
    Sereia - mermaid
    Soraya - "bright starlight", the Pleiades
    Serenity - peaceful, zen...and Firefly associations
    Tanith - Phoenician goddess of the moon
    Thalassa - "of the sea"
    Thisbe - conflicting info on meaning...could be "where the doves live" or "a vessel;" Pyramus and Thisbe was supposedly the basis for Romeo and Juliet, and their story is also played out in MSND, making them doubly Shakespearean. Thisbe will forever be a spunky, sassy, bohemian punk sort of name for me, due to the Pyramus and Thisbe song from Were the World Mine.
    Tifareth - "beauty", the central Sephirah of the Tree of Life. Also Tifa is a Final Fantasy reference
    Tinuviel - Luthien's other name, meaning "daughter of the starry twilight" and "nightingale"
    Titania - queen of the faeries!! how much more magickal and mischievous can a name get? :P
    Virelai - "to turn" or "to twist"...a medieval form of poetry and songs
    Vivendel - honeysuckle, and the phonetic similarity to Tolkien's Rivendell makes it sound delightfully elvish to my ears
    Wisteria - beautiful, draping, fragrant flower; symbol of devotion
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    Narnia Rose, Astoria nn Story, Illyria, Serafina, Soraya, Faerydae
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    Sessha - that is some list! So much sparkly!
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