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    I am a Christian, my husband is not. We decided to raise our daughter Christian. She goes to church with me. When she's old enough to understand the doctrine she can decide if she agrees with it or not. If not she is free to seek something else or nothing at all. According to my beliefs, because I am her mother I am called by God to instruct her in His teachings, but only the Holy Spirit can call her to believe. I would be sad if she didn't choose my faith because it is a legacy I want to pass on to my children, but I would still love and support her no matter what.

    Yes this although I don't know what a doctrine is. I will also talk to my children about other faiths and what they believe to get some understanding of the world.

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    Well I'll throw my lot in.

    I'm a Hellenistic Pagan (I worship the Greek gods) and Cody worships the Greek and Norse gods. Our room mate is an agnostic/atheist type thing who briefly tried some LaVeyan Satanism. I have Buddhist, Luciferian, Athiest, various pagan...friends of all kinds. We're going to raise Persephone and the other kids in the Greek and Norse Pagan traditions but when she gets older and starts asking questions, I'll answer them honestly and let her decide for herself what she wants.

    As for holidays, Christmas and Easter were both pagan holidays before Christianity became a religion, so we practice them the old ways (not with the modern, Christian stuff). We celebrate the solstice (and most everything that's done at Christmas -- the tree, the colors, the mistletoe, etc -- had roots in pagan traditions so it's all virtually similar anyway) and the vernal equinox (and again, the rabbits and eggs and such have pagan roots so it's virtually the same. We also celebrate the autumnal equinox, the summer solstice, Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas, and some others that aren't big ones. Persephone will do ritual with us until she's old enough to say she doesn't want to. -- My Amazon Author Page

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