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    I am only 13...LOL! But I had to respond. I am being raised now in a Southern Baptist home. When I begin a courtship, the man I am courting must be the same faith as my family, or my father will say no to the courtship. When I do mary, the man will have the same beliefs as me, so my kids will too be raised Southern Baptist. I will teach them about Judaism from an early age, but as for other religions, I feel the need to keep their innocence. So they can explore the other religions on their own.

    That's pretty much how I was raised (and my mom, and grandma, and great-grandma, so you get the picture.)

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    My husband and I are Atheist and we will raise our kids in an Atheist household. I don't feel obligated to expose them to someone else's religion, just like I doubt many people who are religious feel obligated to teach their kids my beliefs. If they have questions we will answer them, my husband and I do have religious family that they will be around growing up obviously, so if they hear things about it and have questions we will explain what they believe and why we don't believe it. When they are in school they will hear about world religions and we will be happy to research anything they are curious about with them. We aren't going to stand over them and tell them why everyone else in the world is wrong and paint believers as idiots or sheep, because we don't believe that. We just aren't going to bring other people's religions into our home, we will live in our home what we believe.

    Our biggest concern is raising compassionate, moral, kind, respectful, conscientious people. We want to teach them to respect other people, treat others with kindness, and to value human life and everyone's right to live in a way that feels right to them as long as they aren't hurting anyone else. If they apply those lessons and are good people, the rest is inconsequential.
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    My boyfriend and I plan to get married & have kids in the next few years, and being the planners that we are, we've actually talked about this a lot. We were both raised Roman Catholic. In his family, they had to go to church until they were 18 and then they got to choose, but religion was never really shoved down their throats. He did decide to keep going, unlike his siblings. My family was a lot looser about church. We were those people who went a lot before something important like a confirmation then stopped for a while. I guess I like the idea of Church. I believe in God and I think many lessons from the Bible are valuable. I like a community coming together to pray. But I don't always agree politically. I do want to expose my children to Christianity because I definitely consider myself religious, but I want to make a clear line between the overall message that God is good (and Bible stories like the Good Sumaritan, etc.) and the political values of the church.

    I think I've just been rambling a lot, but basically, I won't expect my children to agree with my beliefs but I think anyone can learn from any religion. A big part of it is just the idea of community and charity. I do want to make it clear that the Bible should be interpreted, not taken word for word, but my children will grow up with the very basic beliefs of Christianity. I want to take them to Church and most definitely have them baptized.
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    [QUOTE=thatkathryngirl;2190500]My kids are going to be raised Catholic because my husband is Catholic, and he's very proud of his heritage and attached to the traditions he grew up with (even though he isn't always 100% behind the church, when it comes to political-type things...). I think it will be nice for our kids to have that connection with his family.


    I just wrote a bunch of gibberish but this is exactly what I was trying to say! Religion is also cultural. I have always been good at separating my beliefs but learning from it all (like learning from the Bible but disagreeing with political opinions) and I hope my children can do the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nessielove View Post
    My SO and I are agnostic atheists, and we plan on teaching our kids about various religions and allowing them to choose for themselves what religion they would like to be a part of, if any. We don't really have a timeline set up for this. We figure we will answer their questions about religion when they are younger, as they are bound to hear something about God or Allah or Buddha when they start school.
    I grew up in a religious household, and I always felt pressured to believe in God and be as "good" as the people I went to church with. But I just never could be like them, so when I was 17, I branched out and have been a lot happier since then. I don't want my children to feel like they are required to be a certain kind of person and that they have to believe certain things in order for me to love them.

    I know religion is sort of a touchy subject, and I assure you, I mean no offense to anyone. I'm just curious as to what other parents are teaching their kids when it comes to religion these days.
    I don't mean to be rude, but I really am just curious. Does agnostic atheist mean you don't believe in God at all? Are you teaching your children different religions just so they are well rounded and accepting of diversity? Because I don't understand why you would encourage choosing a religion if you don't have one at all?
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